Shoplifting is America’s #1 Property Crime

Shoplifting is a major crime that costs companies billions of dollars each year.  This expensive addiction affects nearly 1 in 11 people (both children and adults) daily all over the world.  Common items stolen range from groceries to high-end electronics that can be stolen in a variety of different ways.  Here are some alarming statistics on the shoplifting dilemma.


Protect Your Product From the Elements With Ingress Protection (IP) Testing

Cascade TEK knows a thing or two about Ingress Protection testing (IP Testing), so we created this infographic to summarize how the IP rating system works. There are different levels of protection an enclosure will provide a product, both from solid and liquid intrusions. Having an IP test done on your product at an accredited test lab will ensure that your product is ready for market. From calibrated nozzles to immersion tanks, Cascade TEK is equipped and accredited to perform the appropriate IP test for your product.


Eco-Friendly Paint Disposal, From Household to Industrial

There are an estimated 100 million gallons of house paint sold each year, which means it’s likely that there is a large amount of paint left over requiring disposal. WasteXpress works with businesses in the paint and coatings industry to safely dispose of their excess paint. Homeowners rely on local household hazardous waste facilities to recycle or dispose of their surplus. Our infographic provides statistics on how much paint product is sold in a year, the harm it can cause humans and the environment when it is not disposed of properly, and of course, tips on how to reduce your overall paint waste.


The Menu to a Successful Restaurant App

Take a look around your restaurant, how many of your customers are on their mobile phone? If your restaurant does not have an app that puts your brand right on your customers’ phone screen, you are missing out on a great avenue to build customer loyalty to your restaurant. With that in mind, we have put together a 3 course menu for restaurant app success. Check out Judopay’s mobile payment solutions to accept in app card payments for your m commerce applications.

The menu to a successful restaurant app