12 Reasons Why You Need to Use Bay Management If Your’re Renting a Property

Here are twelve reasons for management that you need to see if renting a property.

  1. Credit Checks – Full in-depth Credit Reports to Find Qualified Renters that will Pay On Time.
  2. Criminal Background Checks – Make sure your tenants have not had previous issues with the law that could jeopardize your property values.
  3. Pre-Existing Efficient Eviction Process – If something goes wrong we know the process to get it back on track quickly and efficiently
  4. Legal Licensing to Accept Rent – We have all requisite licensing to accept rent in both the state, city and local municipalities
  5. Legal Disclosures to Renters – Depending on where your property is located there are very specific sets of forms and disclosures tenants need to be given – we take care of that for you.
  6. We Can Process Multiple Rent Payment Types (Credit Card – Check – Debit Card etc.)We can take rent any way they want to pay it – drop a check off – mail a check – credit / debit cards etc. we have getting you paid covered.
  7. Professional Staff to Deal with Property Emergencies – No reason to get those calls on holidays and in the middle of the night anymore – we take those for you.
  8. Pool of Prequalified Renters that are Ready to Rent ASAP – We typically have a long list of qualified renters ready to rent in most areas we serve.
  9. Local Knowledge of Rent Rates – Get the most for your money – We know the top end rents that you can expect to charge and get for your property.
  10. Marketing Expertise – Bay Management’s website gets over 10,000 unique visitors a month
  11. Property Inspections – Keep Property in Top Shape – Tenants can expect these inspections so they are less likely to wear and tear on your investments.
  12. Extensive Legal and Tenant Management Expertise – Bay Management Staff has over 30 Years of Cumulative Rental Property Experience to call on.

Infographic provided by BMG Bay Management Group

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