3 Steps to Writing Highly Compelling Copy for Infographics

copy-for-infographicsIf you plan on creating and utilizing infographics as part of your internet marketing plan, you should learn what it takes to write highly compelling copy for your creations. The number one mistake made among marketers today is that they discount the importance of the copy that they elect to use in their infographics. While “good looks” are an important component when it comes to creating infographics, it is not just about the images that you project. It is also about the content that you elect to share. The goal is to capture the attention of your target audience and compel them to follow through to the end of your creation and share it with others. If you want to achieve success, you must understand that the words that you use in your copy are just as important as the images that you include.

1.     Start With an Attention-Grabbing Headline
The first, and probably the most important, step to composing compelling copy for your infographic is to ensure that you start the creation off with a headline that will quickly grab the attention of your target audience. The headline should make a commitment to help and/or educate your reader. It should be short and to the point. A productive headline will make people WANT to continue reviewing your infographic. Use powerful words, descriptive phrases, and emotionally-captivating details in order to achieve the highest level of infographic success.

2.     Check and Double Check Your Facts
The next step to writing highly compelling copy that will make your infographic a success is to ensure that you check and double check all of the facts that you elect to include. You should always obtain your information from reputable sources. If it is possible, you should double check any facts you elect to utilize prior to their placement on your infographic. In order to enhance your credibility, you should ensure that you cite your sources and quote appropriately.

3.     Always Include Sub Headlines
An infographic is a quick method of sharing a wide array of facts in a short, concise manner. In order to achieve success in this endeavor, you should be certain that you always use sub headlines throughout the copy. This will help to effectively break up the information that you are sharing with your readers. Additionally, sub headlines entice the reader to continue reading to learn more about the topic.

Creating highly compelling content is actually an important task for any type of copy; however, it is especially important when it comes to the copy that you will be placing on your infographic. Here, you have learned that the top 3 steps are to create an attention-grabbing headline, to check and double check your facts, and to always include sub headlines. If you follow these simple strategies, you are sure to find that your website traffic increases, your brand’s reputation is optimized, and that you generate a higher level of profits. For more information on how to create amazing infographics, click HERE.

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