7 Casino Facts

Think you know what a casino is or what can be done there? Think again!  Here is an infographic detailing many unknown casino facts. Check it out!

People always gambled: On street corners, in private homes, on ships, in clubs … Even archaeological excavations show that cavemen play games with dice from bones. However, the first continental casino in the world opened in Venice, in 1638. You can visit this building, which is known as Casino di Venezia, as a museum today. Even the “casino” name was used in here for the first time. (This word is Italian and means “pleasure building”.) There were only card games here because the roulette had not been invented yet. In 1856, the Monte Carlo Casino introduced roulette to the world as a game. The vast majority of card games were invented in Spain, and almost all of the table games were invented in France. The roots of many games we play today depend on Europe and have a history of nearly 200 years.

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