I started Pure Infographics more as a personal resource than anything else, I want somewhere public to put infographics that I find interesting for whatever reason.  The reasons are often varied but are often things like –

  • Design
  • Interesting data
  • Interesting angle
  • Innovation
Its not very often I find all of these in one inforgraphic!

Why not just bookmark privately etc?

I’ve tried this but I’m terrible at keeping momentum and get bored quite easily, so I’m hoping that by making this site public, I feel more obligated to keep going and recording what I find.   If you are reading this and the last post was ages ago, you can probably assume this approach didn’t work 🙂

If you want to contact me to discuss anything at all related to data or infographics, or even to send me your own, email me info (at) pureinfographics.com or use the contact form here.

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