Airline uniforms created by top fashion designers

In-flight fashion has changed dramatically throughout history. From the conservative styles of the 1940s and ’50s to the high heels and hot pants popularized in the 1960s, the fashions of the friendly skies are constantly evolving. Today, flight crew fashion takes its cue from the catwalk’s cutting edge, with designers such as Vivienne Westwood lending their imaginative and fashion forward eye.

Airlines continually aim to set themselves apart with bold designs, on brand color palettes and stylish yet classic looks: From the 2012 revamp of Virgin America’s uniforms by minimalist, modern staple Banana Republic to the glamorous iconic look of Emirates red pillbox hats and immaculately folded scarves.

While some airlines aim for originality (Qantas’ brightly hued dress and neckerchief combo) and others reflect regional pride (Hawaiian Airline’s azure floral print), all are reflective of the fashionable elegance only found at 37,000 feet.

When you’re gearing up for a long-haul flight, you may be more yoga pants and flip flops than slim-fitting pencil skirt, but we can all take a stylistic page from today’s airlines. They’ve set the bar a mile high, and it’s not just the five-star airlines who are dressed to impress. Low-cost carriers Air Canada Rouge and UK-based EasyJet offer low fares and high fashion.

Find out more about the top airline styles from around the world and the interesting stories behind these fashion forward cabin crew collections.  Infographic provided by


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