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Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized In The U.S.

The legalization of marijuana is on ongoing highly-debated topic making headlines throughout 2016 and into 2017.  While 28 states plus DC currently have already passed some form of marijuana reform, the other remaining states are still not in favor of legalization.

We at Testclear have put together documented facts and scientific data hoping to provide you further insights on why marijuana should should be made legal across the US.  Infographic provided by Testclear.

What you need to start a career as a personal trainer

Thinking of becoming a personal trainer? Before you can think about this life change, there are many things you must do first.  You are required to obtain your Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications and also get REP insurance in order to work in the UK fitness sector.  Here are some things to consider before beginning your Personal Trainer course.

Ideal candidates must demonstrate preparedness and characteristics of these four things:

Interest – An ideal candidate will have interest in health and fitness. Without having an interest in health and fitness you will find less enjoyment in the courses content.

Communications skills – If you want to be a career as a personal trainer you should expect to communicate, a lot. Communication is integral to you career. You will be conversing with clients on a daily basis. You will also be conversing with many other people within the fitness industry.

Basic Knowledge – This is not mandatory but we would expect a candidate to have a basic knowledge of health and fitness. This is a minor continuation of point one. If you have interest you will also have some knowledge.

Physical ability – We aren’t asking you to be an olympian. However, if you want to pursue a career as a personal trainer you should expect yourself to be physically engaged on a daily basis. Your clients will look to you as an example of fitness. Show them why you are a good example.


If you believe that you embody these characteristic, you should be ready to begin your Personal Trainer course.

Our courses are ran by experience fitness professionals who will offer you the support and resources that you need to become a professional personal trainer. Our courses are accredited by REP (Register of Exercise Professionals) and awarded by Active IQ.


Origym is just one of the many service providers in the UK. If you want to hear what we offer, contact one our advisors for additional information.

Commercial Warehouses In The Us, An Infographic

The use of warehouses has been a key component of American business and industry for a long time. There is a very large number of businesses that rely on commercial warehouses to manage inventory, store their products, assist with fulfilling orders, and much more.  But, do you know exactly how many warehouses there are? You might need some help in determining the best way to utilize the warehouse space you have or may have in the future. This infographic contains information on warehousing and space usage.  Infographic provided by The Shelving Guy.

Hypertension Prevention

High blood pressure is out of control in the US and worldwide. 2 out of 3 adults in the US (that is 150 million people) and over 1 billion people worldwide have pre-hypertension or hypertension! Only 54% have their blood pressure under control. Learn more about high blood pressure, related cardiovascular risks and ways to prevent it without medication.  Infographic provided by .  Additional resources available HERE.