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Instantly Capture Your Target Audience’s Attention with These Infographic Design Strategies

Capture Your Target AudienceIf you have an interest in using infographics in order to market your products and/or services, it is imperative that you learn how to instantly capture your target audience’s attention with those infographics. According to information derived from a multitude of studies, it has been established that, in order to capture the attention of internet users, you must use designs and techniques that possess such a high level of flair that you are able to reel in users in a matter of 5 seconds or less! When you think about it, that is not a lot of time. Due to the abundant advertisements and other distractions that currently exist on the internet, the attention spans of users are becoming increasingly low. In this quick post, we will provide you with basic strategies that will have you capturing your audience’s attention and successfully encouraging them to perform the actions that you want and need them to take!

Statistics That Are Relevant to Your Marketing Endeavors
In order to truly inform you of just how important it is to instantly capture the attention of internet users, we feel that it is essential that we share a few statistics:

  • In the year of 2000, researchers determined that a person’s average attention span was a whopping 12 seconds; however, by the year of 2015, the average attention span was lowered to only 8.25 seconds.
  • If a page contains less than 112 words, 49% of all internet users will take the time to read the content; however, if there are more than 593 words on a page, only 28% of all internet users will remain on the page to read it in its entirety.
  • The average internet user has a shorter attention span than a common gold fish, which has an attention span of an amazing 9 seconds!

Creative Methods for Capturing Attention through Infographics
There are numerous creative methods that may be used for capturing your target audience’s attention span through infographic design. By learning these techniques, you are sure to discover that you experience higher levels of success with your online marketing endeavors. These methods include – but, are not at all limited to – the following:

  • You should learn who your target audience is and what impacts them on an emotional level. Once you uncover this information, you should use it in your infographic design strategy. This is the single most important strategy for standing out above all of the digital noise that is currently on the World Wide Web. If your information connects to your target audience on a personal level, it will draw them in!
  • Next, you should always make certain that you use images that are capable of highly impacting viewers.
  • Finally, you should opt to use a persona in your infographic design so that you are able to develop rapport with your audience.

Creating infographics is often a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. You want to ensure that those that you create are effective. In order to increase their effectiveness, you must make certain that you capture your target audience’s attention, and fast! By using the methods outlined in this brief guide, you will render a high level of success from your infographics!

Infographic Design Strategies That Will Render Positive Results in Your Online Marketing Endeavors

Infographic Design StrategiesThere are many infographic design strategies that are sure to render positive results to your online marketing endeavors. Until recently, the most common type of content was text-based blog posts, articles, blurbs, and sales copy; however, internet marketers have identified a growing trend among internet users. That is, that they have a shorter attention span than ever before. While textual content still offers many benefits to ranking among major search engines, visual-based content is the most popular method of instantly capturing the attention of internet users and maintaining that attention. Infographics allow you to display visually appealing content that may be viewed by your target audience. You will want to ensure that you follow the infographic design strategies within this guide so that your infographics render the highest amount of success possible.

Show Your Target Audience
Until the rise of infographics, entrepreneurs, business owners, and companies would tell their target audience what they wanted and/or needed to hear through blogs, blurbs, articles, and other types of text-based venues; however, this is no longer considered to be the most productive method to relaying information. Now, you must SHOW your target audience the information that you wish to share with them. You should make certain that the information is visually enticing and highly stimulating. It is best to opt for a cohesive design that integrates the use of a story; however, this story should be compelling and told quickly.

Organize Your Data
One of the most important aspects to infographic design is ensuring that all of the data placed on the infographic is organized. As mentioned previously, it is best to opt to telling a story. All of the information that you place on the infographic should make sense, should be relevant, and should appeal to the viewer. Be certain to design the infographic in a storyboard fashion, break it down into sections that may be easily comprehended, and only include data that is absolutely necessary to get your point across.

Use Three Colors or Less
If you want to achieve a high level of success with your infographic design, it is important that you only use three colors or less on your final product. This will ensure that the eyes of your target audience are able to flow very easily through all of the content. You should opt to use a main color for the background, and the two other colors should be used in order to break up the sections that you have included in your infographic.

The infographic design strategies outlined throughout this brief guide will render you a high level of success in your online marketing endeavors. While the steps are considered to be extremely easy, most internet marketing professionals will overcomplicate the process when designing their infographics. This often results in jumbled, irrelevant information and the lack of flow throughout the content. For more information on how to design top-rated infographics, click HERE.

Mobile Search and Voice Search Leading the Way for SEO into the New Year

mobile searchIt does not matter if you are an infographic creator, a blogger, a social media marketer, or an entrepreneur with a website, it is important to understand that, as we move into the New Year, the top two types of searches will be the searches performed on mobile devices and voice searches. If you are a constant follower of the newest algorithms by Google and find yourself obsessively researching SEO in an effort to enhance your online marketing efforts, it is important that you stop everything that you are doing right now, eliminate each and every single distraction, and read this guide and reread this guide – today, tomorrow, and the day after. Now, time for the very first step to success in all of your business endeavors online from here on out:

1. You must ensure that every single thing that you create – from a blog post, to your infographics, to your sales copy, to your website – is created in such a way that it is optimized for mobile search AND voice search.

Traditionally, most searches throughout the history of the internet have stemmed from desktop and laptop computers. According to information obtained from eMarketer, there will be a tipping point for searches coming from smartphones, tablets, and similar mobile devices. This means that your infographics and any other online creation must be responsive to ALL internet-accessible devices. This brings us to our next step for online SEO success:

2.     You must design your infographics, website, and all other marketing locations in such a way that they correspond to a mobile marketing strategy. This means that you must design for mobile, consider search behaviors from mobile devices, offer mobile payment options, and optimization for voice search, mobile social, and mobile local.

When creating your infographics, websites, and other types of online content, you must be certain that you are focusing on a highly visual experience. You should take advantage of space in order to highlight the most important elements of your online content. You could experience up to a 200% increase in mobile sales by engaging in the following when creating infographics and other types of online content:

  • Your product pages or infographic pages should be much simpler and focused on your products and/or services.
  • Features that are considered useful to those that use mobile devices should be emphasized.
  • A multitude of deals and promotions should be created especially for those using mobile search and voice search through their mobile devices.

The next step to achieving the highest SEO results in the New Year is as follows:

3.     Create content based on what someone would say instead of what they would type in order to rank among those using voice search.

For example, an internet user using a desktop computer may type “Walmart Gift Cards” and then would be directed to the address of the nearest store selling the Walmart gift cards; however, someone using voice search on a mobile device, may actually say “Where is the nearest place to buy Walmart gift cards?” When creating infographics and other online content that you want to optimize for voice-search SEO, be sure to integrate the words: “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why”, and “how”. If you follow the steps and advice in this guide, all of your online content will rank high in SEO in the New Year.

Creating Visually Appealing Infographics for Success!

creare-1-(2)If you want to experience high levels of online marketing success, it is imperative that you learn the secrets to creating visually-appealing infographics. In today’s world of the over-saturation of text-based content and short attention spans, it is more important than ever to leverage visual media. Not only is this more attractive to your target audience, but, it has been established that visual content results in higher generation levels of backlinks than any other type of content. As a result, you will find that you acquire a higher level of followers and that you rank higher in search engines. Continue reading if you are ready to harness the power of visually-appealing infographics that will render you high levels of success on the World Wide Web.

The Importance of Visual Content
Before delving into the secrets of successfully creating visually-appealing content, it is first important to know and understand the overall importance of visual content. The following outlines a few basic statistics that display just how popular visuals are becoming and why visual content is changing the way in which we currently approach online marketing:

  • According to statistics, 63% of all social media content that is shared consists of images.
  • 66% of all of the updates that are posted on various social media platforms consist of visual-based content.
  • 50% of all of the internet users that are currently online engage in the act of reposting visual content (such as photographs and videos) that they have discovered while on the World Wide Web.
  • 54% of all the internet users in the world have shared a photograph and/or a video that they have created, themselves.
  • 80% of all online marketers have stated that visual-based content is a critical component to their marketing optimization through social media websites.
  • 90% of all information that is directly sent to our brain is visual, in nature.
  • According to medical research, it has been determined that our brains are able to process visual-based information up to 60,000 xs FASTER than text-based content!

Creating Visual Infographics That Your Target Audience will LOVE
Now that you are aware of the statistics that support the fact that visual-based content is the way to go when it comes to online marketing endeavors, it is time to learn the secrets of creating visual infographics that your target audience will absolutely LOVE:

  1. You should design your infographics in a grid-like style. For example, you could create a collage that includes numerous images within a grid-style infographic, or, you may place virtual frames around images in order to make them look professional.
  2. When creating infographics, use a photo filter on a consistent basis. This will provide your posts with a certain type of “personality” that will aid in building your brand across social media websites.
  3. You should integrate the use of color psychology in order to trigger different types of feelings in your target audience.
  4. Always opt for images and graphics that are striking and result in strong reactions among members of your target audience.
  5. Be original.

For more information on how to create extraordinary infographics, click HERE.

Powerful Infographics Promotion Techniques

Infographics PromotionInfographics are quickly becoming one of the best online marketing strategies among entrepreneurs and businesses, worldwide. Complete with strong and highly-compelling visual hooks, quick and valuable information, and presented in a creative, yet compact manner, infographics have the ability to capture the attention of your target audience, maintain their attention, and these amazing visual tools even motivate internet users to share with others! In this brief guide, you will learn a few of the most powerful infographic promotion techniques currently proving to being highly successful. It does not matter if you are a sole entrepreneur, or, the marketing directory of a multi-million dollar business, the following techniques will leave you reaping the highest level of rewards from your infographics:

  1. While infographics are visual-based tools that you may use to share information with your target audience, the standard rules of search engine optimization still apply. This means, when you are creating your infographics, you should ensure that you include as many keywords and keyword phrases as possible that relate to your niche and/or industry. The keywords and phrases that you use should be high in demand, but, low in supply. Additionally, when placing these keywords in your headlines and content, be certain that they read as naturally as possible.
  2. The next most powerful promotional technique when it comes to infographics is to ensure that you embed code into your creation that will link back to your website. In most instances, successful infographic creators recommend simply supplying a HTML embed code; however, we understand that not everyone has a lot of experience and knowledge about HTML. If this describes you, there is no need to fear. All you have to do is search Google for a “Free Embed Code Generator” that will aid you in accomplishing the task!
  3. The next step to promoting your infographic is to ensure that you submit it to bloggers that carry a high level of influence and respect in your niche. In turn, these professionals will post your infographic on the blogs that they create. This is, literally, invaluable. It is not appropriate to simply submit your infographic and request that it be featured; instead, you should attempt to cultivate solid, working relationships with popular bloggers in your field. Once you are comfortable with the relationship that you have developed, you may then request that they feature your infographics in their blog.

There are many aspects to creating successful infographics. You must ensure that you create those that contain highly valuable information, highly-appealing images and graphics, and are laid out in such a way that they are easy on the eyes; however, if you want to capture and maintain the attention of your target audience and reap high levels of success, you should make certain that you use low supply, high demand keywords and keyword phrases, embed code that links back to your website, and develop solid relationships with influential bloggers that may promote your content. For more information on how to create powerful infographics, click HERE.