Cost of Halloween in the US

The Cost of Halloween in the US is staggering, it’s almost scary how much the average American is willing to spend on Halloween.  Do you know how many pounds of pumpkins are sold? You could make a lot of pumpkin pies or it could buy you a really nice car. I love the information here, did you know what is the top selling candy?  I will give you a hint, “it will melt in your mouth but not in your hands”.   The Price Gun Store has created this fun infographic go here to find out more about what they do.


Oral Health Tips

Oral health tips, do you need them?  Are your teeth important, sure they are if you want them to last a life time you have got to take care of them.  Do you know when you should start taking care of a babies teeth?  Do you know what is bad for your teeth?   Do you know what foods are good for your teeth?  Well if your answer is no to any of these questions this infographic has the answers for you. has these tips and many others to share with you, spend a few minutes to learn this one, if you want to keep that lovely smile.


Oral Health

Know The Facts of Coin Lithium Battery Safety

Know the facts of coin lithium battery safety, could save a life.   Energizer and the National Safety Council bring to you this infographic.  Do you know that in as little as 2 hours damage to a child’s esophagus can happen?  Do you know the 4 S’s of coin lithium safety?    62% of parents are unaware of the risk, wether you are a parent or not take a few minutes to learn this infographic more information can be found at, and



Uniform Advantage Scrubs Stain Remover

Need to know how to remove a stain?  This is infographic, which I think you will admit will save you throwing out a bunch of uniforms and also your everyday cloths.  Who would have thought it was this easy?  House stain remover guide is that easy!

“We know how it feels to leave the house with just washed and ironed scrubs, only to come home hours later covered in an array of stains.  In the scrub uniforms industry, we want to see your uniforms keep up with you for those never-ending shifts.  That’s why UA is here to help keep your medical scrubs looking fresh! We’ve compiled a handy illustrated guide of non toxic stain fighting solutions that can help you conquer stains common to medical professionals like blood, ointment, or pen ink.  These items like shampoo and baking soda are handy items that can be found around your house or possibly even at your workplace for on the spot stain treatment. Happy scrubbing!”

Uniform Advantage Scrubs Stain Remover

Astounding Facts About Brain Development

What makes us tick?  Our brain is a huge factor in what makes a person who they are.  In fact, sixty percent of the human genome is dedicated to brain development.  To learn more astounding facts about brain development, from the fetus stages to adulthood, check out the infographic below, brought to you by

Brain development

How to Live Longer & Stay Healthy

When should you start thinking about the best ways to ensure a long and healthy life? Parenthood? Turning thirty? The approach of middle age? According to BMI Healthcare, laying the groundwork from longevity can start from childhood.  If you’re looking for ways to live longer, it all starts with living healthier.  Being a smoker, over-killing on the alcohol and eating incorrectly are all big contributing factors to dying at a younger age.  Life is far too important to rush through or cut short.  For the sake of yourself and your family and friends, it’s vital to stay healthy so that you can be alive and well to live a long, fulfilling life.  Check out this infographic, brought to you by, (originally posted here,) to learn about ways to take better care of yourself, so that you can get healthy and live longer.

live longer