Why People Lift Their Houses

It’s certainly not the most common home improvement project, but there are occasions where it is necessary or appropriate to lift a house from its foundation.  One of the most common places you will find lifted houses is on the East coast where there is a heightened risk of hurricanes and Nor’easters.  These storms potentially pose a threat of devastating flood damage.  Following Super Storm Sandy, 1000’s of homes on the East coast have been lifted to protect them from future flood risk.

If you have heard of house lifting at all, it’s probably because of this reason.  But there are other occasions where house lifting can be beneficial too.

Thanks to modern equipment and expert teams, house lifting can be an appropriate solution to a number of problems, adding a basement, fixing a foundation, even adding a new floor instead of moving.  In Connecticut there has been a large-scale problem with crumbling foundations, potentially due to a poor quality concrete from a local quarry.    Lifting the house allows contractors easy access to the foundations to perform a full scale replacement if necessary.  Infographic provided by High Caliber Contracting LLC

Are Your Model Homes Hitting the Mark?

Imagine: Instead of building a model home designed to appeal to the widest possible demographic, you hand potential buyers a pair of virtual reality goggles and walk them through a computer-generated home “built” to their dream specs.

That day is coming, says Fast Company. But it’s not here yet.

Until then, new home builders still need walk-through models that showcase their homes’ potential in a way that will excite buyers. But if you’re still building model homes the way you used to, you may be missing the mark.

With the internet at their fingertips, today’s home buyers are more sophisticated and more informed than their predecessors—not to mention harder to impress. Presenting high-quality, on-target model homes is more crucial than ever.  Infographic provided by Professional Warranty Service Corp.

Home Building Trends: What to Expect in 2017

The real estate market is hot again. Home prices are on the increase again.  Are you wondering about what is happening with the home building trends at this point in 2017?  Check out this infographic provided by Professional Warranty Service Corp. and see where everything stands.  Don’t go into the home buying market without reviewing the information below.

Top 3 Homebuilding Breakthroughs

The science of homebuilding continues to advance in extraordinary ways.  The benefits to both builders and homeowners are numerous and include:  solutions to high energy costs, a growing homebuilding industry, reducing construction waste, and much more.  Read through this infographic for additional information and details.  Provided by Professional Warranty Services Corp.