The Necessity of Climate Control for Pharmaceutical Labs

Did you know that dry air plays a vital role in pharmaceutical development? To ensure the effectiveness and quality of the drugs produced, it is essential that the right conditions in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility exist. Medications succumb to potency losses, oxidative degradation, de-sterilization and irreversible destabilization without humidity control for pharmaceuticals. Specific climate conditions must be maintained at every step of the process from the earliest stages of research and development to large-scale production of the final product.  Infographic provided by http://www.polygongroup.com/


The Science of Vacuum Oven Drying

With the legalization of marijuana across nation, vacuum drying has been getting a lot of attention lately. For cannabis extractors,  BHO extraction uses vacuum drying to help remove impurities while making THC extractions. But the truth is medical device, food and aerospace industries have been capitalizing on the benefits of low temperature vacuum drying for decades.

So how exactly does vacuum drying work? What is the process behind vacuum drying? This infographic explains how a change in pressure (pull a vacuum) can successfully dry products at low temperatures. For temperature sensitive products, implantable medical devices, BHO extractions to space hardware, vacuum drying is the ticket!
Since 1992, Cascade TEK has been perfecting the science of vacuum drying.
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The Science of Vacuum Oven Drying

How to Live Longer & Stay Healthy

When should you start thinking about the best ways to ensure a long and healthy life? Parenthood? Turning thirty? The approach of middle age? According to BMI Healthcare, laying the groundwork from longevity can start from childhood.  If you’re looking for ways to live longer, it all starts with living healthier.  Being a smoker, over-killing on the alcohol and eating incorrectly are all big contributing factors to dying at a younger age.  Life is far too important to rush through or cut short.  For the sake of yourself and your family and friends, it’s vital to stay healthy so that you can be alive and well to live a long, fulfilling life.  Check out this infographic, brought to you by bmihealthcare.co.uk, (originally posted here,) to learn about ways to take better care of yourself, so that you can get healthy and live longer.

live longer