Protect Your Product From the Elements With Ingress Protection (IP) Testing

Cascade TEK knows a thing or two about Ingress Protection testing (IP Testing), so we created this infographic to summarize how the IP rating system works. There are different levels of protection an enclosure will provide a product, both from solid and liquid intrusions. Having an IP test done on your product at an accredited test lab will ensure that your product is ready for market. From calibrated nozzles to immersion tanks, Cascade TEK is equipped and accredited to perform the appropriate IP test for your product.


Eco-Friendly Paint Disposal, From Household to Industrial

There are an estimated 100 million gallons of house paint sold each year, which means it’s likely that there is a large amount of paint left over requiring disposal. WasteXpress works with businesses in the paint and coatings industry to safely dispose of their excess paint. Homeowners rely on local household hazardous waste facilities to recycle or dispose of their surplus. Our infographic provides statistics on how much paint product is sold in a year, the harm it can cause humans and the environment when it is not disposed of properly, and of course, tips on how to reduce your overall paint waste.


Spiders of the Pacific Northwest: Identification Tips, Pest Control and Prevention Advice

When it comes to residential pest control, spiders top many peoples’ list of pests to eradicate. Although these eight-legged creatures help keep other pest populations in check, their frightening appearance convinces many homeowners to call for Washington or Oregon pest control. The first thing that pest control experts will tell you is that spiders are largely harmless. There are two medically significant species in the Pacific Northwest (the Black Widow and the Hobo Spider), but even those species are unlikely to attack unless provoked. Still, we understand the emotional impetus behind spider abatement. As Oregon and Washington pest control experts, we present the following informative infographic on the types of spiders common to the Pacific Northwest, and the steps homeowners and pest control professionals can take to prevent and fight spider infestations.

Spiders of the Pacific Northwest: Identification Tips, Pest Control and Prevention Advice


As the world struggles to find new sources of energy, Americans have a dream of energy independence. Portland home builder H. Hudson Homes bring you this infographic, which examines the energy savings and benefits that new modern homes offer over traditional and older residential homes. You’ll be surprised to learn how much a modern home can save you in heating and cooling costs alone, and where traditional homes hemorrhage energy in the form of air leaks.

If you’re looking for a new modern home in the Portland area, look to the modern home builders at H. Hudson Homes who are also leaders in sustainability. View available new homes and upcoming new modern homes.


Everything You Need to Know About Autumn

We are in the depths of autumn and lots of animals are working away to make sure they have ample supplies for the winter. At the same time there are lots of birds arriving in the UK from colder climates in North America.

We have produced an infographic that explains all the changes and preparations that take place this season.

Everything You Need to Know About Autumn

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery can be difficult.  Without the help from a professional disaster recovery service, a business may not survive a catastrophe like a flood, tornado, fire or hurricane.  Disaster recovery services can remove debris, restore documents, neutralize odor, prevent mold and much more.  A disaster recovery service can even help create an emergency plan to help minimize damage and injury before a disaster has even occurred.  For more on disaster recovery services, check out the infographic below, courtesy of Polygongroup.com/us.

disaster recovery