Swimwear Trends in 2016

Want to see the latest swimwear trends from around the world in 2016? Check out this infographic to see the hottest bikinis, tankinis, two piece, one piece, and other swimming suits.  UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Russia, Germany, and more.  See the top colors, fashions, styles, and designs for making a splash on the beach, at the pool, or anywhere else you wear your latest swimwear.

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bikinis, tankinis, etc.

How Europe Loves Lingerie

Everyone has their favourite types of lingerie and their preferred styles, but looking at what the rest of the world is wearing is a great way to find inspiration for new outfits and looks. Take a look at our infographic for more on what styles of lingerie are popular in the country you live in or across the continent right now.  Infographic provided by


Fat Wallet becoming a Pain? Beat the Bulge, NOW!

We’re all guilty of cramming too much into our wallets, but if you’ve gotten to the point where you’re seriously considering investing in trousers with larger pockets then something needs to change! Man up and check out this awesome infographic from the clever clogs team at Nigel O’Hara, follow those four simple instructions, cleanse that wallet and you’ll soon be reaping the benefits of a slimmer, more manageable wallet – no new jeans necessary.



Color Psychology Guide for Medical Scrubs from Uniform Advantage

People are affected by different colors and it varies from person to person. The style of clothing and colors can boost your mood because it can add tremendous value to your life! It is interesting to see the relationship between the two. Colors can be expressive, emotional, influential and therapeutic. When you understand color, you are more confident and feel attractive. What is your inner fashionista or modern man senses saying to you today? Do you put on your Greys Anatomy Scrub colors in royal blue or purple or one of your UA’s Butter-Soft Scrubs in Green or Pink? Royal Blue represents calm, intelligent, trustful and reflective characteristics. Green is easy on the eyes and shows that you are peaceful and harmonious, balanced and all about refreshment and restoration. It is a calming and refreshing color. Play around with your colors when picking out your outfit for today and channel the aura you want to exude.

Color Psychology Uniform Style by UA

Before Buying New Specs: what you need to know


There have been a lot of stories counseling Americans not to buy eyeglasses from their local eye doctor. This is not only bad from a personal health perspective but also from a personal finance perspective.

4 Things You Need to Know About Buying Eyewear [INFOGRAPHIC]
Here are some facts that everyone needs to know before choosing their specs.

1) Retail (e.g., Pearle Vision, LensCrafters) is NOT always cheaper! Independent research shows that buying glasses at an independent eye doctor is still less expensive than at many corporate retail chains…by a lot! When you add vision coverage, like VSP Vision Care to the mix (which nearly 20% of Americans have), that price is even lower.

For example, a consumer who purchases a Ray-Ban frame with progressive lenses will save $595 with VSP coverage at an independent eye doctor versus using an insurance company focused on retail store sales and purchasing glasses at LensCrafters ($746 vs. $151).

2) If you have a complex prescription, many online retailers can’t make you glasses. The little secret that most online sites don’t advertise is the fact that they only sell single vision lenses, not progressives. Or if they do sell progressives, that you  are responsible for providing your measurements. So if you have a complex prescription, need glasses to help you see at multiple distances, or are over the age of 40, the chances you won’t be seeing as clearly as you could are pretty high!

3) Beyond price, glasses need to do more than just look good. Glasses are unique in that they are the only fashionable medical device (so far!). Your glasses must be customized to you in every way to maximize their role to help you see clearly. And, while can find some great values online, your eye doctor should, and must, play a critical role in helping you select the best frame and lenses that are right for your individual needs. Just a few things your eye doctor and their staff ensure:

  • Up-to-date prescription: Your eye doctor will make sure your prescription hasn’t changed and your eyes are healthy through a comprehensive eye exam before picking out your new style. This is especially critical for young children whose eyesight can change regularly. Glasses with the wrong prescription don’t help you see!
  • Lens options: Lenses may seem like an afterthought, but the right ones can make a big difference. Today’s digital lens technology is more affordable than ever  before, especially with vision insurance, and makes a huge difference in helping you to see your best. Your eye doctor and their staff are a great resource to learn about specialized lenses and coatings to fit and enhance your personal lifestyle needs.
  • Measured to fit your face: Measurements are essential to ensure that your prescription works for you. Because your face is unique so are the way your lenses fit your frames! Your eye doctor and their staff will take your personal measurements to ensure that once your new frames are in hand, they fit your face properly and not only look good on you but help you see.

4) Buying discounted frames online may cost you money in the long run. If you find a deal that is too good to be true online, it probably is. Extremely discounted designer and brand name glasses sold online are usually done so through a “gray market,” which is unofficial, unauthorized or unintended sales by the original manufacturer. This is important to know because, if these glasses malfunction, you may not have an option to get them fixed under warranty. If you purchase through your eye doctor, you have the confidence in their direct relationship with the frame manufacturer.

This is a guest post from VSP Vision Care President Jim McGrann.


Top 10 Reasons Not to Rent a Tuxedo

Have you ever wondered who else was wearing the tuxedo that you just rented? At a moment when it’s necessary to look your best, you can’t afford stains, loose stitching, or rips resurfacing. You should never allow yourself to be put into such a position.

Purchasing a tuxedo is no more expensive than renting one, and in some instances you could wind up saving yourself money. Avoid the expensive and uncomfortable hassle of wearing someone else’s tuxedo by have one tailored just for you instead, and check out the infographic below!


Do you know where your tuxedo was last night?
Do you know where your tuxedo was last night?tuxedo