The Importance of Annual Dental Exams

Seeing a dentist annually may help people avoid severe complications from both a medical and dental health perspective. Most people would be surprised to hear that dentists check the patient’s face and neck for signs of disease, but it’s true. And this includes life-threatening disease like cancer. Clearly, the importance of an annual dental exam cannot be overstated.  Infographic provided by .

Popular Ways People Use to Relieve Stress

How do you relieve stress?  Do you ever wonder how others relieve their stress?  We all should do something and have something we can do to help relieve the everyday stress of today’s world.  Stress relief leads to a healthier body, happier disposition, and improves the quality of life.  Read through the infographic below to see how people around the world relieve their stress.  Infographic provided by

Has your home been tested for Radon?

Radon is a toxic gas that is odorless and colorless so you will not be able to see or smell it in your home. It is also impossible to gauge how much radon you have in your house without proper testing or until somebody develops some breathing problem in the household. It’s recommended that you hire a mitigation service like so that they can help you to understand radon and take actions accordingly. Here are some more facts on radon.

Why Gardening is Good for You

Have you ever considered that something as simple, rejuvenating, and fulfilling as gardening could also be good for your health?  Taking care of a garden can lead to much improved physical and mental health due to an increase in activity, elevated heart rate, stretching, and the use of many varying muscles.  And when you consider that you are producing the healthiest food you could eat, the payoff is even higher.  Read through this informative infographic provided by WhatShed to learn all the many benefits to your health by gardening.

Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized In The U.S.

The legalization of marijuana is on ongoing highly-debated topic making headlines throughout 2016 and into 2017.  While 28 states plus DC currently have already passed some form of marijuana reform, the other remaining states are still not in favor of legalization.

We at Testclear have put together documented facts and scientific data hoping to provide you further insights on why marijuana should should be made legal across the US.  Infographic provided by Testclear.