What We Know About the Flower Industry

With New Years, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and anything else in between, flowers have been the most preferred gift of all time. In fact, there are $7.5 billion dollars in cut flower sales. Did you know that in the U.S., there are actually more than 16 thousand florist establishments which employ more than 83 thousand people? And did you know that about 80% of the flowers sold in the U.S. are imported from other countries?  Colombia is the biggest flower exporter to the U.S. Locally, most flowers are grown in California. Also, did you know that women are the ones making way more flower purchases at 79% vs. 21% of men? Or did you know that Christmas overtakes Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day as the occasion in which flowers are being purchased?

This infographic from explains in detail the statistics behind the flower industry.


What Do Your Christmas Decorations Say About You? – Quiz

It’s pretty obvious that here at Christmas Lights Etc. we love Christmas decorations. Whether it’s the star on top of the tree, or the fake snow on a window pane, to us, there’s nothing better than making your home feel like a mini Santa’s grotto. But what do you think? We’ve created a fun quiz to help you decide whether you’re a lover of all things Christmas, or if you’d prefer to just shut the windows and wait for January.  Infographic provided by Christmas Lights Etc.What-do-you-decorations-say-about-you

Happy Valentines day from HCL Nursing

We are romantics at heart here at HCL Nursing and decided this Valentines, to share that love!  So we’ve put together some great Valentines Day trivia and facts for us to share with you and for you to share with those you love.  So please feel free to Tweet, Like and hug it over your own special spaces and people.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the team at HCL Nursing!

Happy Valentines day from HCL Nursing

Everything You Need to Know About Autumn

We are in the depths of autumn and lots of animals are working away to make sure they have ample supplies for the winter. At the same time there are lots of birds arriving in the UK from colder climates in North America.

We have produced an infographic that explains all the changes and preparations that take place this season.

Everything You Need to Know About Autumn