The History of Stelrad Radiators

Established in 1936, Southall based Stelrad Radiators have grown to become one of the leading radiator manufacturers. Supplying both the commercial and domestic radiator market places, Stelrad now have strategic locations in Mexborough and Nuth in the Netherlands.

Learn more about the history of Stelrad with our new infographic.  Provided by Stelrad.

Choosing the Right Furnace for Your Home or Business

Choosing the right furnace for your home or office can be a challenging task . It’s important to understand the basics like different furnace fuel types, different levels of efficiency, and different unit sizes. From there, factors like comfort, aesthetics, and environmental impact are all important to keep in mind when making a decision. Once you know the essentials to make an informed choice, a professional can guide you through the entire installation process. Read our infographic to help you choose the right furnace for your next home or office installation.  Infographic provided by AAA Heating and Cooling.

AAA-Infographic_Choosing-the-Right-Furnace (1)

Be Green & Stay Cool with Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

Everyone wants to cut costs while keeping their home or business cool during the hot summer months. This infographic shares statistics from across the United States about the age and efficiency of the average air conditioning system for residential properties. In addition to keeping your home comfortable during the summer, you are also positively benefiting the environment by reducing energy consumption by upgrading your air conditioning unit to a higher SEER-rating. Read on for tips and insight about reducing your energy bill while staying cool. – See more at: http://www.aaaheatingandcoolinginc.com/green-stay-cool-energy-efficient-air-conditioning

AAA-Energy-Efficient-Air-Conditioning1 (1)

BLDC Motors Contribute to Advances in HVAC Industry

This Infographic examines the energy efficiency of BLDC motors and how their efficiency effects the HVAC industry. The use of brushless DC motors in the HVAC industry is a more recent development that’s gaining in popularity. In the HVAC industry, motors and reliability are the keys to energy efficiency. One key to benefiting from the many advances in the HVAC industry is finding a reputable and reliable HVAC company such as Fahrenheit HVAC which can be found HERE.

Sinotech produces intricate brushless DC motors for sensitive applications. We are trusted custom motor manufacturers with close ties to the best factories in the Pacific Rim and over two decades of experience. We deliver the highest quality motors at affordable costs to companies around the globe.

– See more at: http://www.sinotech.com/blog/bldc-motors-contribute-to-advances-in-hvac-industry/#sthash.71VTsm60.dpuf