Get your audience to TUNE IN to your corporate video programs, webcasts, and online events

There are definite guidelines to follow when trying to get your audience to tune in and listen to or watch your corporate video programs, webcasts, and online events.  With all the media and competition on the internet today, it is critical that you follow the steps that work. If you want to make your audience really pay attention and listen to your information, then please review the infographic provided below by INXPO.

The 7 Reasons You Need SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  You may have heard of it, and you may have tried to do it yourself on your own site.  Well, unless you are well trained in the technical art form which is SEO, you are not doing it right.  Your competitors are leaving you behind, and if you want to succeed and have a chance and winning with your website, you need to engage a professional right now for your SEO.  Read through the infographic below provided by for valuable information about SEO.

What do Internet users hide by VPNs?

Why do some internet users work behind VPN’s?  What protections are they striving for?  Are the trying to hide something?  Read through this informative infographic to see details about what a VPN is, what it’s for, and who is using them. has held an opinion poll regarding VPN usage, and the details were used to create this infographic. Original source of infographic HERE.

Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting 2017

Here is the Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting. This is a guide that’s been used by a large Facebook advertising agency to improve their ad targeting. It is now available so that you can improve your Facebook ad campaigns. This guide is also available in a high-res image and a printable PDF version so you can have it near while creating ad campaigns.

For more Facebook advertising best practices, visit AdvertiseMint – a Facebook advertising agency . Enjoy!  Original infographic can be viewed here.


How to Choose the Right Architecture for a Modern Datacenter

The need for efficient storage and application compute is undeniable – and not just for larger companies like Facebook and Google. Traditional storage is no longer keeping up with the volume of data and the demand for workloads for enterprises, leading to the inception of hyperconverged and hyperscale storage approaches. Customers who come to Hedvig looking for an appropriate storage solution for their business have the option to choose either Hyperconverged or Hyperscale.  Infographic provided by

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