10 Richest Traders Worldwide

Are you curious about which traders scored the highest net worth this year? Who isn’t? After completing the research, we were able to isolate them and create an informative list of the top 10 traders in the world. Now are you interested?

Although last year witnessed a significant drop since 2014, these expert traders were still able to out perform all others. So, without any further stalling, James Simons scored $18.5BN, followed by Ray Dalio at $17BN, Steven Cohen at $13BN, David Tepper at $11BN, Ken Griffin at $8.7BN, George Soros $8BN, David Shaw at $5.5BN, Andreas Halvorsen at $3.1BN, Larry Robbins at $2.3BN, and Bill Ackman came last at this race with a score of $1.3BN.  Infographic provided by Amana Capital Blog

Rare Coin Rip-Off Report

New Infographic Exposes How Morgan Silver Dollars Are Used to Fleece Investors

It’s sad that such a beautiful piece of history has been converted into a tool by unscrupulous “rare” coin dealers to rip off America’s precious metals buyers. As this totally new infographic explains below, shady marketers use deception and misinformation to unload Morgan Silver Dollars at prices WAY above their actual melt value or their resale value. It’s extremely important that novice precious metals investors see this information BEFORE they get taken for a ride. Check it out… Infographic provided by Money Metals Exchange.


Self-Directed IRA Rules Every Investor Should Know

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) continually updates and amends its rules and regulations for Self-Directed IRAs. This infographic outlines and explains important IRS rules that every Self-Directed IRA investor should know. Learn about allowable and excluded investments, prohibited transactions, disqualified persons and more. Should you have any concerns or detailed questions, it is always best to consult a professional Advisor who is trained in ERISA law.  Infographic provided by SafeGuard IRA & 401k Advisors.

141215_Safeguard_IRA (1)