5 Main Parameters for Choosing Robot Arm

The infographic below provided by discusses the 5 main parameters you should be aware of when selecting a robotic arm for your industrial needs.  The 5 parameters are 1. robot application, 2. payload, 3. degree of freedom, 4. maximum operating range (reaching distance or arm span), and 5. speed. Robot manufacturer will offer industrial robot arm specification documents which will show those parameter details. You can choose your robot arm accordingly.

BLDC Motors: Costs Competitive with High-Grade Brush Motors

Our latest infographic examines how BLDC motors should be compared with high-grade DC brush motors and not less expensive commodity brush-type motors with shorter lives. When you consider the direct costs of a motor in addition to the savings in other parts of a system, BLDC motors can definitely compete with the costs of high-grade brush motors.  For little or no price premium, motor life increases, efficiency improves, the motor runs cooler, and gearboxes and encoders may be eliminated.

Here we offer an inside look at the BLDC motor, cost savings of embedded controller BLDC motors and much more!

– See more at: Sinotech


Speed Reducer Falk Type YBX Vertical Right Angle Speed Reducers

Falk speed reducers have a proven track record for reliability and ruggedness in harsh industrial conditions. For more than a century, Falk has engineered solutions for some of the most challenging industrial applications, from mining to pulp and paper to cement mixing.

Designed for maximum adaptability and minimal deterioration in even the most punishing environments, Falk speed reducers offer a long life of trouble-free operation. The Falk brand also comes with top-notch customer service and technical support to ensure maximum uptime and gear drive performance.

As the Northwest’s largest certified Falk distributor, Mar-Dustrial is the go-to source for Falk gearboxes and other drive components. We maintain a vast inventory of new and surplus Falk speed reducers in a variety of gearbox configurations, including:

  • Concentric shaft reducers
  • Parallel shaft reducers
  • Right angle reducers

In addition to our wide selection of Falk gearboxes, we also operate a Falk-certified Repair & Renew facility. Contact us to learn more about how quality gearbox repairs can save you money.


Plastic Fastners by Thomson Nyliner I Danaher Specialty Products

Thomson Nyliner offers a wide variety of products to serve the market’s need for plastic fasteners and plastic bearings. Thomson Nyliner polymer bearings (a plastic bearing material) serve as an alternative or replacement for a traditional sintered bronze or other metal bearing. Injection molded Thomson Engineering Polymer 110 is the standard material for most Thomson Nyliner plastic fasteners and plastic bearings. This material is well-suited to all areas of industry. Thomson Nyliner molded bearings already serve in areas as diverse as refrigerators, HVAC, vacuum cleaners, automotive brake and clutch pedal assemblies, hydraulic cylinders, and ovens (among many, many others). – See more at: