Handy Resources for Mobile App Developers

Take a look around your restaurant, how many of your customers are on their mobile phone? If your restaurant does not have an app that puts your brand right on your customers’ phone screen, you are missing out on a great avenue to build customer loyalty to your restaurant. With that in mind, we have put together a 3 course menu for restaurant app success. Check out Judopay – mobile payment solutions to accept in app card payments for your m commerce applications.

Handy resources for mobile app developers

Serving More Riders with Motorcoach Mobile WiFi

Statistically speaking, there’s a good chance that this infographic will be viewed on more mobile devices than desktop computers. Along with motorcoach passengers’ increasing use of mobile devices, their expectations for available Wifi have also risen. A growing number of public transit agencies have begun offering passengers mobile Wifi, provoking the question: “How long until mobile Wifi becomes standard in the motorcoach industry?”

Serving More Riders with Motorcoach Mobile WiFi

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Mobile Device Management – The Zombie Phone Killer

Do you know what a Zombie Phone is? Zombies are hugely popular right now all the way from games to movies, but I had no idea what a Zombie Phone was until I read this infographic by Amtel.  The difference with this infographic is that it could save your company money.  As the BYOD mobile devices found their way into business use, some interesting problems emerged for enterprises.  Read this to learn more and make sure to visit Amtel to read more just click here.



Keeping Connected: The Importance of Mobile Wifi for Commuters

Keeping Connected:  The Importance of Mobile Wifi for Commuters.

There is a growing demand for mobile Wifi even during the morning commute.  Single Point at has created this infographic which explains what consumers and commuters want and expect.  Things are evolving so fast in this space will they meet our demands?



Free Calls While Travelling

Making free calls while travelling has never been more simple than with KNCTR. Learn some interesting facts about travelling and calling with this informative infographic and make sure you don’t get caught with $23,000 in roaming charges, like one Canadian woman did, in June 2013.  Check out KNCTR and find out how you can make FREE calls back home to the U.S. or Canada, while travelling abroad.



The Mobile Gaming Boom

Grab your phone and…get gaming?  These days a phone is used for so much more than just making a call.  With the advent of the smartphone, the mobile gaming market has exploded.  And, what may come as a surprise to some folks, is that a majority of these mobile gamers are women.  In fact, they are women over twenty.  So you can no longer complain that your mom isn’t hip to what’s new, and you can’t say girls aren’t gamers either– because women are leading the crowd in the world of mobile gaming.  For more interesting facts and numbers on the rise of mobile gaming, check out the infographic below, brought to you by Jackpot City.

Mobile Gaming