Vaping and Smoking in LGBTQ Community: Can we Understand it all?

In today’s world, in any community that’s surrounded by things such as alcohol, drugs, sex and high levels of stress, an abuse of nicotine is still going to be very common. As the LGBTQ community becomes more and more recognized and accepted, some of the problems that the community is facing are becoming much easier to identify.  There are still a prevalent stereotype and a negative attitude from the vast majority of others who are not part of this group.

When people talk about the LGBTQ Community, one of the the first things that comes to mind is an active, engaged community that has a strong passion for rights to be found in some countries.  More importantly, they continually stress a belief that you should be considered as equal no matter your sexual orientation or beliefs.

The infographic below details and explains visually some of these issues.  Provided by Mag Vapor.

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Employee Benefits of A Company Cafeteria

You work in an office and it’s lunch time.  Do you head out of the office to eat another fast food meal filled with calories and saturated fats and costing you tons of money?  How nice would it be to have lunch at the office, and have it be a healthy lunch which tastes great and saves you money?  Read through this infographic to see the benefits from a company cafeteria.  Infographic provided by


Annoying Office Habits Workers Can’t Stand

Chatty co-workers driving you mad? Or is it the food that stinks out the office, or getting dragged into 8am meetings? When it comes to office peeves, everyone’s got something to say.

In a survey of more than 1,000 people, we let the British public spill the beans on the most annoying corporate crimes in the UK. Here’s what they had to say…



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