How An Engine Works


The modern four-stroke engine is not that different from the first motor created by Nikolaus Otto in 1876. Despite all of the technical advancements such as electronic fuel injection, direct injection, variable valve timing, and much more, an engine still operates through four basic different steps: Intake, Compression, Ignition, and Exhaust. The infographic below illustrates the basics of how an engine operates and creates power from fuel. Infographic provided by Apex Customs.

The Currency Printing Process

Printing U.S. currency is an interesting process. Every part of a single bill is made up of specific inks, paper, and symbols that give it a beautiful and intricate look. This level of detail also makes it difficult to counterfeit. Learn more about the money printing process and how it began by viewing the following infographic. – See more at:

The Currency Printing Process

The Science of Vacuum Oven Drying

With the legalization of marijuana across nation, vacuum drying has been getting a lot of attention lately. For cannabis extractors,  BHO extraction uses vacuum drying to help remove impurities while making THC extractions. But the truth is medical device, food and aerospace industries have been capitalizing on the benefits of low temperature vacuum drying for decades.

So how exactly does vacuum drying work? What is the process behind vacuum drying? This infographic explains how a change in pressure (pull a vacuum) can successfully dry products at low temperatures. For temperature sensitive products, implantable medical devices, BHO extractions to space hardware, vacuum drying is the ticket!
Since 1992, Cascade TEK has been perfecting the science of vacuum drying.
Learn more about vacuum drying here.

The Science of Vacuum Oven Drying

A Brief History of Electricity & Magnetism

A brief history of electricity & magnetism by Magnet Expert Ltd.

Wow a lot of research was done for this infographic, who knew the history for this was so vast.  To think without any of these men’s visions life would sure be different today.  Can you imagine life without an electric motor?   These are used in most electrical appliances today, the electromagnetic rotary devices make the electric motor possible.  Make sure to check out this infographic or go to for more fun facts about magnets.