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The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

Twitter has a lot of intricacies you might not even think about when you take a quick glance. Sure, you can intuitively grasp the basics of posting, following, retweeting, and liking tweets. You can even get some of the details about RT etiquette and follow-backs, and the various abuses heaped on the site from shady marketers. What you don’t see are the little details that matter to marketers. You don’t see active hours, you don’t see click-through rates, and so on. Yet, this is all important information for brands.  Infographic provided by

That’s why I produced this cheat sheet; to give you a quick reference for everything you need to know:


The Top 4 Rated Social Media Management Tools Of 2015

I’m excited to say I’ve partnered with G2Crowd to provide a really helpful infographic on the top 4 Rated Social Media Management Tools for 2015. The results come from detailed customer reviews from G2Crowd, and cover a variety of information including user satisfaction, product direction, how easy it is to learn to use the platform, level of support, usability and more.

I’ll discuss the findings below as well as looking at alternative tools, what a social media management tool is, the struggle to find the perfect tool and finally more information G2Crowd.  Infographic provided by


Which Social Media Personality Are You?

Take the quiz below to find out which social media personality you are in a 90’s teenage magazine style.


If not, then we all have friends that fill your social feed with regular pointless updates. It’s all about balance in life and social.  Infographic provided by Creare




The best advice I was ever given regarding engaging your audience on your social media channels is to approach it like being a friend – you talk but more importantly you listen!

Having a balanced content strategy is crucial, particularly if you are going to embark on a social media campaign for your business.

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Do Movie Studios Matter?

Do Movie Studios Matter?

Movie studios start a new social profile to promote each movie, which they abandon when the film is released.  Why can’t the studio itself promote each film successfully?  Do moviegoers, especially social media users, even care about what studio is behind their favorite films?

We teamed up with SurveyMonkey audience to find out.

Do Movie Studios Matter?

Keeping Connected: The Importance of Mobile Wifi for Commuters

Keeping Connected:  The Importance of Mobile Wifi for Commuters.

There is a growing demand for mobile Wifi even during the morning commute.  Single Point at has created this infographic which explains what consumers and commuters want and expect.  Things are evolving so fast in this space will they meet our demands?



The Mobile Gaming Boom

Grab your phone and…get gaming?  These days a phone is used for so much more than just making a call.  With the advent of the smartphone, the mobile gaming market has exploded.  And, what may come as a surprise to some folks, is that a majority of these mobile gamers are women.  In fact, they are women over twenty.  So you can no longer complain that your mom isn’t hip to what’s new, and you can’t say girls aren’t gamers either– because women are leading the crowd in the world of mobile gaming.  For more interesting facts and numbers on the rise of mobile gaming, check out the infographic below, brought to you by Jackpot City.

Mobile Gaming