Keeping Connected: The Importance of Mobile Wifi for Commuters

Keeping Connected:  The Importance of Mobile Wifi for Commuters.

There is a growing demand for mobile Wifi even during the morning commute.  Single Point at has created this infographic which explains what consumers and commuters want and expect.  Things are evolving so fast in this space will they meet our demands?



Driving Performance Monitoring

If you’re a growing business that relies on a fleet, monitoring driving performance is important.  Using smart telematics, it’s easy to measure things like braking, speed and distance.  You can also monitor driving performance in other ways, like watching your drivers’ fuel use and idle times.  Keeping track of important factors like this is vital for any company on the go.  As the infographic below, courtesy of Navman Wireless, states: In order to improve performance, you must first be able to measure it.

Driving Performance
Driving Performance