The Dark Web. What is it? Should you be using it?

This infographic is very informative…but in an indirect way.  As you use the internet, do you every wonder who is watching?  Do you ever worry about who may be watching what you are doing?  What would happen if your internet searches or history was discovered?  Generally we would say that people are good, but we also don’t want to be judged by what we may do at times or as compared to everything else we do.  Lastly, do you want to be tracked and marketed to every day? Do you want to be shown products based upon every search you make on Google?  These are important things to consider when using the internet.

The infographic below explains how to use the internet and do so in a truly anonymous way.  In our opinion, everyone should only use the internet when utilizing the tools explained below.  Remain free. Remain anonymous.

The Triple Crown

The Triple Crown title is awarded to a three year old thoroughbred horse who wins the Preakness Stakes, Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes, the latter commonly known as the “test of the champion”.  Secretariat, who won the prestigious Triple Crown title in 1973 was the fastest, completing the Kentucky Derby in under two minutes. American pharoah won it this year, and with that excitement we present an infographic from the online wagering, which includes the brief history, previous winners and interesting trivia of the Triple Crown.

triple crown_1

The Light Goes On With Electrician Software

The Light Goes On With Electrician Software

From the invention of the light bulb in 1879 to the web-controlled lighting systems of today, the electrical industry is ever changing. And just as the electrical technology has evolved, so has the way electrical contractors run their business. Our infographic provides a detailed timeline of electricity innovations through the years. We compare how business owners ran their day-to-day business operations back in the day compared to today’s current methods, which take advantage of robust software programs designed for contracting-based businesses. Customer databases used to consist of a Rolodex full of index cards. Today, custom CRM systems organize contact information and make it accessible from any device. Check out some positive outcomes businesses have had after implementing 360e all-in-one software built for electricians. Infographic by 360e


Best Infographic Directories in 2015

What are the best infographic directories in 2015? Which infographic submission sites are going to help generate more traffic? Who is rocking social networks and who is helping infographic creators to get maximum exposure?

O.K. kids here we go. My goal is to help you get through this without having a screen that looks like this….


Notice the 700 tabs open? Yeah I really love you guys.  Since you are looking at this screen shot let’s go ahead and talk about these two bad asses for a minute before we move on.

When it comes to learning more about how to make a great infographic that relates to your content, and mastering a few tips and tricks of the trade (along with just about anything else you need to know to be an internet warrior) you can always count on these guys.  So whether infographic creation is old news or you are a rookie, if you haven’t read these articles yet take a few minutes to check them out…

5 Ways to Get Your Infographic to Go Viral and How to Create a Popular Infographic by Neil Patel

How to Make Winning Infographics Without Risk by Demian Farnworth

While you’re at it go ahead and check this one out too because it’s cool…

25 Ideas to Transform Ho-Hum Infographics into Something Extraordinary by Barry Feldman.

Submission Sites / Directories

So now you have this great infographic all worked out. You have posted it to your own blog. You’ve taken care to set up your embed code so people can link back to your content (if you don’t know how to do this yet, hit Patel’s articles above when you are done here for an excellent mini tutorial), and you want to maximize your visibility.  Or…you rock at creating infographics and you want to get your work out there.  Here are a few choices to consider:

High traffic (page ranking) sites

The perks: duh

What to consider: High traffic means more exposure, but it can also mean your work is competing with millions of other entries for approval and social sharing and can experience a slower response time for review.

Infographics Online

“Have an infographic suggestion to add to our collection? Infographic submissions are a one-time fee of $50. You will receive a link to the original source page (ie. the page on your site the infographic is placed upon) on your website along with a link back to your main website along with your desired anchor text. No infographics or links to adult or pharmacy related websites will be accepted.”  Infographics Online has free presentation templates and is a long running trusted name in infographics.


According to a youzign blogger, Flickr had over 15 million unique visitors in 2014, boasts a Google page ranking of 9 and an Alexa rank of 124. Flickr also offers an incredible social presence through high volume Twitter activity and Google Plus with a more modest Facebook presence in comparison.  And this one is free. Check out this design blog’s full list link near the end of this post…9 HIgh Authority..


Reddit has a lower Google page ranking but an impressive Alexa rank with fewer social shares according to the youzign blog. What happens in Reddit somewhat stays in Reddit (maybe?). Because people share infographics here from Flickr and many other sources it is somewhat more of a destination. But the site generates over 20 million unique visitors and is of course, it’s own social network. Whether working from your own blog or using a different directory, it would be wise to land your infographic on Reddit as well.

Infographic Sites That Are On the Move

The perks: These are growing yet still hold a bit of a niche quality. Perfect finds via a search engine for someone looking for infographic designs and/or designers pf a higher quality.

What to consider: Some are free, some carry a review fee. Most offer infographic design services as well as hosting submissions.

Pure Infographics

Pure Infographics charges a $40.00 review fee. Once you upload your infographic and pay the fee, “we will add it to our website within two working days and will email you to let you know it is live.  We will also tweet it from our account.” Pure Infographics also has a growing Google + platform and actively shares. And they may have cool bloggers.

Daily Infographic

Daily Infographic offers design services and you can email them to learn how your infographic can be featured on their site. According to Infographics Online:

“What they say about submitting infographics to their site: One of our talented writers will review the infographic and place a followed link with your chosen anchor text within the description. If your infographic is approved, we will send you a PayPal invoice for $350USD and the infographic will be scheduled for publication.” They also have a strong email network.

Cool Infographics

Cool infographics is a sharing site, not a hosting site. By clicking on the contact tab you can submit your infographic for free. Because it is free, submissions may back up but they do take the time to review for quality content. Whether you choose to submit your work here or not, you should definitely scope out the pages for connecting with a community and great links and resources.

The big fat take away

When it comes to getting your infographics out there, you should pay attention to these directories and networks. In order to optimize your traffic, do not assume that you should stick with high traffic ranking sites only. There are benefits all along the spectrum from social network giants, established directories down to niche market directories (such as places that only want infographics on turtle migration).  It is all about the holistic approach people. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Additional Lists for Your Reading Enjoyment

[For the newbies…what the hell is a Google page rank? And who is Alexa?]

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Best Infographic Sites List

Massive Infographic Submission Sites List

100+ Infographic Submission Sites to Submit Infographics

If you are an infographic designer or have hired one to create an infographic for your business, what have your personal experiences been? What do you think are the best infographic submission sites and directories from your p.o.v?  We need to know.

The Power of Pinterest

pinterest-logoWow, what a difference a few years can make, particularly when you are talking about the internet and how it affects, well everything. How people shop, what products they are using and so much more is influenced by the little thing we call the internet and the social media applications it contains. If you are a business, small, medium or large, it may be time take the plunge and engage. Here are some pinterest marketing tips.

What is it about Pinterest? After all there is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and several other social media sites, why is Pinterest so powerful? There are several reasons, number one is the ease of sharing infographics that are short, sweet and to the point. It is a less is more philosophy that has shot them to the top of users must have list. It is also extremely easy to use, focused features and a simple search combine for a killer app.

What do people love? Well they love a host of things and the powerful thing about Pinterest is the ability to share the experience with like-minded individuals. People enjoy sharing and chronicling their hobbies, cravings and ambitions. From a business perspective it is important to note that the majority of “pins” are of things people desire, rather than what they already have.

Submit an Inforgraphic
What do you need to know about Pinterest Inforgraphics? Well, your first goal is for people to “share my inforgraphic” that means you have to create an image and information combination that people want to save and share with the rest of the world. Here are a few tips:

  • Color- Several dominant colors
  • Less Background- Keep the background at 30% or less
  • Light and Saturation- You want to hit the sweet spot between light and dark images and go for full 100% saturation.
  • Blue- not a good color for Pinterest re-pins
  • Faces- people are not a popular subject for Pinterest infographics so avoid them

Know the Demographic
I know you are chomping at the bit to get started, but before you leap it is important to understand the demographic as well. Who uses Pinterest the most? Recent studies show users are overwhelmingly female at 71%, but male users are on the rise so it is important to watch that trend as well. You may be thinking, “I just want to submit an inforgraphic already!” but it is important to understand what goes into making a good pin.

What makes Pinterest so powerful? To the point inforgraphics, intuitive interface and an even playing field are all part of the equation. Big brands, mom, pops, and everyone in between have equal access to features.  Creating good infographics is not difficult; it simply takes a little time, research and patience.