How To Fix Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

This infographic explains the parts to a dental implant and the process for placing one into someone.  When you lose a tooth completely due to cavities, injury, age, or some other factor, one of the best options for replacing the tooth is a dental implant.  Read through the infographic below for how this works, what the parts are that make up the entire implant including the new tooth (crown), and more.  Provided by Arthur Glosman DDS .

The Dark Web. What is it? Should you be using it?

This infographic is very informative…but in an indirect way.  As you use the internet, do you every wonder who is watching?  Do you ever worry about who may be watching what you are doing?  What would happen if your internet searches or history was discovered?  Generally we would say that people are good, but we also don’t want to be judged by what we may do at times or as compared to everything else we do.  Lastly, do you want to be tracked and marketed to every day? Do you want to be shown products based upon every search you make on Google?  These are important things to consider when using the internet.

The infographic below explains how to use the internet and do so in a truly anonymous way.  In our opinion, everyone should only use the internet when utilizing the tools explained below.  Remain free. Remain anonymous.

The Triple Crown

The Triple Crown title is awarded to a three year old thoroughbred horse who wins the Preakness Stakes, Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes, the latter commonly known as the “test of the champion”.  Secretariat, who won the prestigious Triple Crown title in 1973 was the fastest, completing the Kentucky Derby in under two minutes. American pharoah won it this year, and with that excitement we present an infographic from the online wagering, which includes the brief history, previous winners and interesting trivia of the Triple Crown.

triple crown_1

The Light Goes On With Electrician Software

The Light Goes On With Electrician Software

From the invention of the light bulb in 1879 to the web-controlled lighting systems of today, the electrical industry is ever changing. And just as the electrical technology has evolved, so has the way electrical contractors run their business. Our infographic provides a detailed timeline of electricity innovations through the years. We compare how business owners ran their day-to-day business operations back in the day compared to today’s current methods, which take advantage of robust software programs designed for contracting-based businesses. Customer databases used to consist of a Rolodex full of index cards. Today, custom CRM systems organize contact information and make it accessible from any device. Check out some positive outcomes businesses have had after implementing 360e all-in-one software built for electricians. Infographic by 360e