Delaware Area Codes

Since the North American Numbering Plan created a system of area codes for each state, most areas have had to adopt more area codes to accommodate growing populations. Delaware stands out as one of the few states that still uses one area code (302). It’s the same number given to the state in 1947.

Delaware only needs one area code because it has such a small population. With an estimated population of 952,065, the state hasn’t run out of phone numbers for residents and businesses.

Delaware’s population has grown over the years. In 2010, about 897,900 people lived in the Diamond State. Eventually, the people of Delaware may need another area code. Introducing new numbers probably won’t happen within the next few years, though. Delaware is the second-smallest state. It only covers 1,982 square miles. The state’s small size gives it one of the highest population densities in the country. Considering that Delaware has already become a little crowded, it’s unlikely that the population will grow much within a decade.

According to the following infographic originally published by CheckThem, Delaware may run out of numbers by 2036. When that happens, the state will receive another area code. Regulators haven’t said what three-digit code it will get.

You can learn more about Delaware and the 302 area code by reading the CheckThem infographic. You’ll discover how the state compares to others, which cities have the largest populations¬†and other interesting facts.

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