40 Ways Dogs Make The Best Babysitters

Dogs naturally become a part of the family, and their humans become their “pack.” They make especially great companions for the smallest members of the family.

There are hundreds of ways your dog can make a great babysitter–from protecting your baby to teaching your baby to crawl.  Here are 40 reasons why dogs make the best babysitters.

There’s a lot of science and first-hand experience below, but we also wrapped everything up into an infographic for fun. So, check it out. ​Infographic provided by Dog Pages

Get your audience to TUNE IN to your corporate video programs, webcasts, and online events

There are definite guidelines to follow when trying to get your audience to tune in and listen to or watch your corporate video programs, webcasts, and online events.  With all the media and competition on the internet today, it is critical that you follow the steps that work. If you want to make your audience really pay attention and listen to your information, then please review the infographic provided below by INXPO.

Building a Sustainable Future: 8 Ways We Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Infographic provided by Global Furniture Group. See full post for more information.

In appreciation of Earth Month, we share with you our story of building a more sustainable future for employees, customers and partners. Our sustainability report outlines the significant steps we take to limit environmental impact at all levels, in all operations – from product development to production to end-of-life management.

Above all, our approach is to design for durability. It means that products are researched and developed to be repeatedly handled, serviced and repaired as needed to create long-lasting solutions.

In production, we work hard to maintain transparency and source responsibly. Owning most of our supply chain allows us to push safety, health and environmental initiatives beyond the minimum requirements. A closed-loop manufacturing approach diverts 100% of our manufacturing waste from landfill.

We are proud of our commitments to reduce our environmental impact. Together as a team, we will continue to push ourselves to do better for a sustainable future.

Eye Injuries in the Workplace

Infographic provided by Creative Safety Supply. Original post is located here.

Eye safety works to reduce the number of eye-related accidents in the industrial field. According to OSHA, 1,000 eye injuries occur every day. This infographic explores the main causes of eye injuries in the workplace, how safety managers can reduce this kind of incidents, and how workers can protect themselves from harm. Stay safe. Let us help.

Summertime Auto Accident Statistics

Infographic provided by Goodwin & Scieszka. For more information, please see the original post.

It might not initially seem like there’s anything inherently risky about driving during the summer. In fact, you might think it would be even safer than it is in the winter because the weather is so much nicer and you don’t have snow and ice to worry about. But believe it or not, there are plenty of hazards that make it more likely for car accidents to happen, even when the weather is seemingly nice.

When the weather is warm and sunny, people are simply more willing to get out of the house. Regardless if they’re taking a long road trip for a vacation or just heading out to the nearest beach or park, nice weather means more people on the roads. This is particularly true during holiday weekends like Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Not only are there lots of holidays during the summer, there tend to be lots of other parties during the summer, too. Graduation parties, barbeques, weddings, and family reunions are all very common summertime events, but those types of events also very frequently involve alcohol. When people don’t drink responsibly and get behind the wheel, the more likely it is they’ll be involved in a car accident.

In addition to the extra cars on the road and the increased number of impaired drivers, there’s another hazard to deal with: inexperienced drivers. With school out of session, that leaves more time for newly-licensed drivers who don’t have a lot of experience behind the wheel to be out and about.

There’s also the fact that hot weather can be rough on vehicles. When the weather cools off, drivers often start getting “low tire pressure” alerts on their car. Coldness makes things contract, including air molecules, which means the air in your tires might not be exerting as much pressure on your tires as they were on a warmer day. But when the weather gets hot, the reverse can happen. Since heat makes things expand, the air in your tires can start to exert too much pressure on your tires and cause blowouts. So be sure you keep a close eye on your tire pressure all summer long.

With Memorial Day and summer just around the corner, let’s take some time to understand some of the facts about summertime car accidents.