File Collaboration: Linking iPhones to Desktops

How do you Share Data Between your iPhone and your Desktop?

There are only a few devices more popular in the world than the iPhone. With an almost ubiquitous presence due to its easy personal and business use, it is becoming increasingly important for this device to be compatible with other platforms.  An article by CNET written by Don Reisinger notes that the number of iPhones in use was around 94 million last year alone. But when it comes to devices that use different systems, many people quickly ask: “how do I sync my iPhone with my computer and other devices?”  By utilizing cloud file collaboration, it is possible to edit and exchange files between multiple devices – even if those devices use different operating systems (OS).  Infographic provided by

3 Ways Modeling Agencies in Toronto Are Heating Up Corporate Parties

When the topic of event staff hiring in Toronto is brought up in business circles, many people only think of caterers and/or waiting staff.  However, more and more corporate companies are turning to modeling agencies in Toronto to fulfill some of their staffing needs when planning their corporate parties these days.  Here are just 3 ways in which modeling agencies can add a little spice and glamour to your company’s next corporate party.  Infographic provided by

Bubble Wrap: A Short History

Bubble Wrap. We all know what it is, and it’s safe to say that we see it and handle it nearly every time we receive a package in the mail.  If you are like me, you always have some lying around ready to be used or popped.  But where did it come from? What is its history?  Did you know that is has been around for more than 50 years?  It took several attempts at perfecting the bubble wrap, and convincing people to use it for padding.  Read through this infographic to learn some interesting facts about bubble wrap and its history.  Infographic provided by

Save money and environment with a single PDF editor

Are you using a PDF reader and/or editor?  Or, are you still working the “old way” with paper and fax machines and copiers and file cabinets?  Digital documents are better and easier in countless ways, and they save millions of trees from being used for paper.  Simplify your business, document management, and customer relations by going digital and using a quality PDF editor which are also now available for Mac, iPhone and iPad!

What do Internet users hide by VPNs?

Why do some internet users work behind VPN’s?  What protections are they striving for?  Are the trying to hide something?  Read through this informative infographic to see details about what a VPN is, what it’s for, and who is using them. has held an opinion poll regarding VPN usage, and the details were used to create this infographic. Original source of infographic HERE.