What Martial Art Do You Love?

Between the ancient styles, and the new styles being developed in recent years, there are many different types of martial arts out there.  It can be difficult to figure out just which one will suit you and work for you.  You can make an informed decision about which to pursue after reviewing some important facts about all the major styles.  See below for all the details.  Infographic provided by Securefight.com

15 Reasons to Teach Your Kids Archery

Most kids these days would benefit from a bit of enlightenment, some development of self-confidence and discipline, and adding some exercises and fresh air.  Kid’s archery classes may be perfect for your kids. One critical step to excel in archery is a need for patience, immense concentration, and a high sense of self-control. For success as an archer, the archer is supposed to relax his/her mind and wait for the right moment before releasing the arrow.  Each time the young archer shoots, they learn to not get emotional when they do make a bad shot. Instead of attaching their ego to their performance, they learn to analyze the shot and learn from it before preparing for the next shot, without emotion.  We have prepared 15 more reasons why you really need to teach your kids Archery.  Infographic provided by A Straight Arrow.

Innovation in Business through 2017 and beyond

This innovation infographic breaks down details about how businesses see innovation and technology in 2017 and beyond.  Innovation, especially among SMEs is critical to remain ahead of the competition rather than something that is secondary or not necessary.

The use of the word “innovation” in business literature is happening much more frequently, and we can predict that consultants that specialize in helping companies to be more innovative will dramatically grow in number over the next few years.

How An Engine Works


The modern four-stroke engine is not that different from the first motor created by Nikolaus Otto in 1876. Despite all of the technical advancements such as electronic fuel injection, direct injection, variable valve timing, and much more, an engine still operates through four basic different steps: Intake, Compression, Ignition, and Exhaust. The infographic below illustrates the basics of how an engine operates and creates power from fuel. Infographic provided by Apex Customs.

The 10 Best Big Cities for Small Businesses

What are the best big cities for small business owners to do business? Credibly and Venngage have joined forces on a new infographic that lays it all out: The 10 Best Big Cities for Small Businesses.

We took the 20 most populous cities in the United States and then selected the 10 best that had the highest Credibly Business Index scores, indicating their “friendliness” towards small businesses. (Cities with matching scores were ranked based on their annual small business revenue.) The result is a simple and clear ranking of big cities that are prime for business ownership and entrepreneurship.

View the infographic below, or at this direct link. A big thanks to our friends at Venngage for the lovely design; go here to download an ebook on how to create great infographics of your own!

Delaware Area Codes

Since the North American Numbering Plan created a system of area codes for each state, most areas have had to adopt more area codes to accommodate growing populations. Delaware stands out as one of the few states that still uses one area code (302). It’s the same number given to the state in 1947.

Delaware only needs one area code because it has such a small population. With an estimated population of 952,065, the state hasn’t run out of phone numbers for residents and businesses.

Delaware’s population has grown over the years. In 2010, about 897,900 people lived in the Diamond State. Eventually, the people of Delaware may need another area code. Introducing new numbers probably won’t happen within the next few years, though. Delaware is the second-smallest state. It only covers 1,982 square miles. The state’s small size gives it one of the highest population densities in the country. Considering that Delaware has already become a little crowded, it’s unlikely that the population will grow much within a decade.

According to the following infographic originally published by CheckThem, Delaware may run out of numbers by 2036. When that happens, the state will receive another area code. Regulators haven’t said what three-digit code it will get.

You can learn more about Delaware and the 302 area code by reading the CheckThem infographic. You’ll discover how the state compares to others, which cities have the largest populations and other interesting facts.