5 Main Parameters for Choosing Robot Arm

The infographic below provided by www.sooyeerobot.com discusses the 5 main parameters you should be aware of when selecting a robotic arm for your industrial needs.  The 5 parameters are 1. robot application, 2. payload, 3. degree of freedom, 4. maximum operating range (reaching distance or arm span), and 5. speed. Robot manufacturer will offer industrial robot arm specification documents which will show those parameter details. You can choose your robot arm accordingly.

Popular Ways People Use to Relieve Stress

How do you relieve stress?  Do you ever wonder how others relieve their stress?  We all should do something and have something we can do to help relieve the everyday stress of today’s world.  Stress relief leads to a healthier body, happier disposition, and improves the quality of life.  Read through the infographic below to see how people around the world relieve their stress.  Infographic provided by FitnessReporting.com

IIT Delhi MBA Placements and Admissions Criteria in 2019

The aims and objectives for the IIT Delhi MBA are to offer instruction that meets standards, to provide great facilities and provide leadership in laboratory development, examination systems and curriculum planning. It was established for research and teaching programs. The campus is about nineteen kilometers away from Delhi main Railway Station.  The infographic below provides valuable information about the MBA program, and was provided by StateOfPurposeForMBA.com .

Anatomy of a Running Shoe

Provided by Running Shoes Guru

Think you know a lot about running shoes?  Well think again.  There is an entire field of study related to engineering running shoes.  We all have different types of feet, types of running, etc.  To prevent injury and always be on the top of your running game, you need to know the facts about running shoes.  Check out the infographic below for details you may not know about running shoes.

An Introduction To Truck Accidents

Truck accidents happen every day.  When there is a collision between a passenger car and a fully loaded 18 wheeler, the passenger car and its occupants are in far worse position and at far higher risk.  You need to know your rights and how to proceed if you or someone you know is involved in an accident with a large truck.  The attorneys at Mann Law Firm have put together the infographic below with valuable information about this issue.  Check out their website for further details.