Capture Your Target Audience

Instantly Capture Your Target Audience’s Attention with These Infographic Design Strategies

Capture Your Target AudienceIf you have an interest in using infographics in order to market your products and/or services, it is imperative that you learn how to instantly capture your target audience’s attention with those infographics. According to information derived from a multitude of studies, it has been established that, in order to capture the attention of internet users, you must use designs and techniques that possess such a high level of flair that you are able to reel in users in a matter of 5 seconds or less! When you think about it, that is not a lot of time. Due to the abundant advertisements and other distractions that currently exist on the internet, the attention spans of users are becoming increasingly low. In this quick post, we will provide you with basic strategies that will have you capturing your audience’s attention and successfully encouraging them to perform the actions that you want and need them to take!

Statistics That Are Relevant to Your Marketing Endeavors
In order to truly inform you of just how important it is to instantly capture the attention of internet users, we feel that it is essential that we share a few statistics:

  • In the year of 2000, researchers determined that a person’s average attention span was a whopping 12 seconds; however, by the year of 2015, the average attention span was lowered to only 8.25 seconds.
  • If a page contains less than 112 words, 49% of all internet users will take the time to read the content; however, if there are more than 593 words on a page, only 28% of all internet users will remain on the page to read it in its entirety.
  • The average internet user has a shorter attention span than a common gold fish, which has an attention span of an amazing 9 seconds!

Creative Methods for Capturing Attention through Infographics
There are numerous creative methods that may be used for capturing your target audience’s attention span through infographic design. By learning these techniques, you are sure to discover that you experience higher levels of success with your online marketing endeavors. These methods include – but, are not at all limited to – the following:

  • You should learn who your target audience is and what impacts them on an emotional level. Once you uncover this information, you should use it in your infographic design strategy. This is the single most important strategy for standing out above all of the digital noise that is currently on the World Wide Web. If your information connects to your target audience on a personal level, it will draw them in!
  • Next, you should always make certain that you use images that are capable of highly impacting viewers.
  • Finally, you should opt to use a persona in your infographic design so that you are able to develop rapport with your audience.

Creating infographics is often a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. You want to ensure that those that you create are effective. In order to increase their effectiveness, you must make certain that you capture your target audience’s attention, and fast! By using the methods outlined in this brief guide, you will render a high level of success from your infographics!