Why People Lift Their Houses

It’s certainly not the most common home improvement project, but there are occasions where it is necessary or appropriate to lift a house from its foundation.  One of the most common places you will find lifted houses is on the East coast where there is a heightened risk of hurricanes and Nor’easters.  These storms potentially pose a threat of devastating flood damage.  Following Super Storm Sandy, 1000’s of homes on the East coast have been lifted to protect them from future flood risk.

If you have heard of house lifting at all, it’s probably because of this reason.  But there are other occasions where house lifting can be beneficial too.

Thanks to modern equipment and expert teams, house lifting can be an appropriate solution to a number of problems, adding a basement, fixing a foundation, even adding a new floor instead of moving.  In Connecticut there has been a large-scale problem with crumbling foundations, potentially due to a poor quality concrete from a local quarry.    Lifting the house allows contractors easy access to the foundations to perform a full scale replacement if necessary.  Infographic provided by High Caliber Contracting LLC