Top 10 Uses of Promotional Merchandise

The benefits promotional products entail for your business should NEVER be underestimated.  In addition to helping you land new clients and creating brand awareness, it can ultimately lead to sustained business expansion.  The top ten benefits of promotional merchandise can be found in the infographic below. Provided by We Brand 4 You

The 7 Reasons You Need SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  You may have heard of it, and you may have tried to do it yourself on your own site.  Well, unless you are well trained in the technical art form which is SEO, you are not doing it right.  Your competitors are leaving you behind, and if you want to succeed and have a chance and winning with your website, you need to engage a professional right now for your SEO.  Read through the infographic below provided by for valuable information about SEO.

Are Your Model Homes Hitting the Mark?

Imagine: Instead of building a model home designed to appeal to the widest possible demographic, you hand potential buyers a pair of virtual reality goggles and walk them through a computer-generated home “built” to their dream specs.

That day is coming, says Fast Company. But it’s not here yet.

Until then, new home builders still need walk-through models that showcase their homes’ potential in a way that will excite buyers. But if you’re still building model homes the way you used to, you may be missing the mark.

With the internet at their fingertips, today’s home buyers are more sophisticated and more informed than their predecessors—not to mention harder to impress. Presenting high-quality, on-target model homes is more crucial than ever.  Infographic provided by Professional Warranty Service Corp.

Facebook or SEO: Which is Better?

Two primary marketing channels for webmasters these days are SEO and social. Though, let’s be honest here; when we talk about social marketing, we’re mostly just talking about Facebook. Sometimes Twitter squeezes in, and sometimes LinkedIn, Google+, and a few others pop their heads in, but Facebook is where it’s at.

There’s a bit of a misconception out there that you should focus your efforts on one or the other. Facebook marketing is part of an overall large marketing plan. So is SEO, which is itself comprised of onsite factors and external content marketing and link building.

Savvy marketers know that you can do all of this together. You can do paid ads on and off Facebook, you can do link building that involves both social networks and blogs, you can work with organic SEO, and a lot more. However, for the sake of this post – and the graphicwe’re comparing Facebook marketing with organic SEO.  Infographic provided by


Unique Challenges Franchise Businesses Face with Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Unique Challenges Franchise Businesses Face with Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Lets face it, while franchises have many benefits (including brand recognition, a proven business model and a support system) they also present some unique challenges for both the franchisee and franchiser. Here at NetSearch Direct, we believe having the right team of Franchise SEO and PPC specialists on your side can make a huge impact not only in your digital marketing success, but your business as a whole. We have direct experience working with over 10 franchises and many other multi-location businesses. We have put together the infographic below to help franchise businesses recognize some of the hurdles they are likely to face on the road to digital marketing success.  Infographic provided by


Guide to Google Remarketing

If you are unfamiliar with Google Remarketing, it is a form of online advertising created specifically to boost some conversions that a business website stands to gain from every prospective customer interacting with their content.

How does Google Remarketing work?

In essence, Google Remarketing places cookies or specific pages / all pages at your website when they leave without becoming a customer. It remembers which visitors chose not to become customers, and then it tracks them to the next website that they interact within Google Display Networks of Sites. Once there, it exposes them to a branded advertisement relating to your business.

This is designed to act as a reminder of the opportunities that they have left behind, possibly because they were not aware of their existence at the time. It is often used for Display Advertising and as of recent, for Search Campaign as well through Remarketing List for Search Ads.

If this is the case, as the name suggests (Google Remarketing), the advert functions as a second chance to become a customer. The hope is that the visitor, in being reminded of the services or products that you offer, will choose to make a purchase once exposed to them again.

Why should I use Google Remarketing?

The innovative thing about Google Remarketing is that it adheres to a very basic human compulsion; the tendency to become more partial to things that are offered again and again. The bottom line is that we are all more likely to buy products that we have sometimes seen, because it gives us multiple chances to consider the benefits of doing so.