Vaping and Smoking in LGBTQ Community: Can we Understand it all?

In today’s world, in any community that’s surrounded by things such as alcohol, drugs, sex and high levels of stress, an abuse of nicotine is still going to be very common. As the LGBTQ community becomes more and more recognized and accepted, some of the problems that the community is facing are becoming much easier to identify.  There are still a prevalent stereotype and a negative attitude from the vast majority of others who are not part of this group.

When people talk about the LGBTQ Community, one of the the first things that comes to mind is an active, engaged community that has a strong passion for rights to be found in some countries.  More importantly, they continually stress a belief that you should be considered as equal no matter your sexual orientation or beliefs.

The infographic below details and explains visually some of these issues.  Provided by Mag Vapor.

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How Nicotine Affects People

I never thought smoking through until I looked at this infographic that tells you visually “How Nicotine Affects People”

This info-graphic will surprise many people that believe casual smoking is not that big of a deal.

Do you know what you’re really doing if you take a quick puff?

Many people don’t know how addictive cigarette smoking can be, and even if you are only planning on smoking one cigarette, you are playing with fire!

Your health and the health of those around you can be severely affected, not to mention the loss of material wealth that diminishes even beyond the cost of the product.

Don’t be caught off guard. Get the facts !

How Nicotine Affects People