Interesting facts about roulette. American and European

The French word for ‘little wheel’ is Roulette. The history of roulette goes back to 1655 in France where Blaise Pascal, one of the most renowned mathematicians created a primitive form of roulette wheel as a part of his experiments. One of his friends saw great potential in this invention as a gambling machine. The first modern-day Roulette first appeared in 1796, and since then Roulette has been ruling the casino businesses across the globe.

The popularity of this game can be attributed to its simplicity and ease with which this can be played. It is based on sheer probability, guesswork, intuition and chances. Roulette therefore doesn’t require the player to possess any special skill to play. One is supposed to predict the pocket number where the ball will land when the wheel stops rotating. To further enhance your chances of winning, you can bet on a combination of numbers too.

The American and European versions are the two most popular versions of this game and the Casinos are likely to have either one or both versions, thus the player should be aware of the basic difference between the two. The American version has 38 pockets whereas the European has 37. The American version comes with two zeroes compared to only one zero on the European version. The American version is played with chips of different colours whereas the European version is played with single coloured chips. The European version has the option of EN PRISON Rule whereas the American version doesn’t have any such rules. The soaring success of this game will continue to mesmerize the young and seasoned players alike due to its vintage charm.

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