The True Cost of a Lice Infestation

Do you know what the true cost of a head lice infestation is in your own home? First, consider the time it takes to battle a lice infestation alone. You will spend a lot of time with hair treatments, constant combing and picking, and household delousing.  These are time-consuming, and they’re often ineffective and have to be repeated for months at a time. It is also expensive to battle lice infestation on your own. And when you consider the cost of ineffective drugstore treatments, followed up by expensive prescription medications, replacing household items, and income lost from missing work days, you are looking at spending easily over $800 – and there is no guarantee that the infestation will be gone after all that! Other costs of battling a lice infestation on your own include exposing you and your family to dangerous chemicals and pesticides, stress, anxiety, and a loss of sleep.

Read through this infographic provided by Hero Lice Clinics.  They can fight this battle for you: in a single 1.5 hour visit they can guarantee the removal of all lice and eggs for only $149. Their treatments are safe, effective, and stress-free.

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