Why is There a Rising Demand for Hydraulic Seals in the Oil & Gas Industry?

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A hydraulic seal is a tiny part within a massive machine. But without it, the entire system would grind to a halt. Despite their size, hydraulic seals play a huge role in preventing leaks, maintaining fluid pressure and keeping contaminants out of the system.

In today’s highly competitive and demanding economy, industrial machines are operating longer, harder and in increasingly harsh environments. Contamination alone accounts for more than 80 percent of all system wear—and it’s the root cause of nine in 10 hydraulic system failures. Choosing high-performance seals can mean the difference between operating at peak efficiency and losing precious production time to premature failure.

SureTex seals offer the stability and reliability needed to keep operations running smoothly. Designed to accommodate a vast variety of temperatures and pressures, their standard U packings incorporate an energizing O-ring that compresses the sealing lips against sealing surfaces to maintain a leak-free environment. This unique design allows our seals to outperform conventional u-cups or symmetrical packings in both low- and high-pressure applications.

SureTex seal styles available from Utex Industries Inc.:

  • Standard style
  • Flat lip style
  • Deep style
  • With BUR
  • ACB style

Ideal for rod or piston applications, SureTex sealing solutions offer a multitude of benefits, including:

High temperature tolerance. With a vast menu of elastomers to choose from, we can manufacture our hydraulic seals to withstand a wide range of temperatures—from -50°C (-58°F) up to +300°C (+572°F). We take into account the impact of extrusion gap size and system operating pressure when determining the true temperature capability of our sealing solutions.

Pressure resilience. SureTex high-performance seals are resilient to fluctuations in system pressure. They offer outstanding sealability low pressures and are suitable for vacuum applications as well as high-pressure situations.

Stability under stress. The O-ring energizer in our hydraulic seals helps stabilize the seal jacket, maintaining stability even under tremendous stress.

Bi-directional sealing. When combined with SureTex caps, our seals are capable of bi-directional piston sealing. The cap aligns with the sealing lips to provide extrusion resistance when reverse pressure is applied to the heel.

Multiple configurations. SureTex seals come in a variety of configurations to suit many different applications and conditions. For example:

  • The flat style features flat tops at the sealing lips, creating a more flexible seal lip for pneumatic applications at low pressure.
  • Standard and deep styles have angled sealing lips to create maximum sealing force for hydraulic applications.
  • Seals with anti-extrusion devices are available in various thermoplastic materials to suit the specific application conditions.
  • The ACB style is made from one homogenous piece, with a molded profile instead of a removable O-ring and sealing bumps on the heel for stability.

 Customizable design. SureTex seals can be stretched or compressed to fit non-standard housings, and they’re available in a variety of standard and high-performance elastomers. We also offer in-house mold tooling as well as custom designs to suit specific conditions.

Meticulous material selection. Choosing the right material is paramount to the seal’s success. We work with our customers to ensure jacket and O-ring materials are compatible with each other as well as with the system’s operating conditions to ensure optimal performance in the required environment.

Complementary products for SureTex seals are also available from Utex Industries Inc. in a variety of elastomer, urethane and engineered thermoplastics to suit your application:

  • SureTex cap
  • Wear bands
  • PSWR wiper
  • P6W wiper
  • PWHM wiper
  • PWS wiper
  • PWSM wiper

Oil, gas and other industrial operations rely on Utex to provide cutting-edge sealing solutions for some of the most demanding applications.

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