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Top 10 Reasons Not to Rent a Tuxedo

Have you ever wondered who else was wearing the tuxedo that you just rented? At a moment when it’s necessary to look your best, you can’t afford stains, loose stitching, or rips resurfacing. You should never allow yourself to be put into such a position.

Purchasing a tuxedo is no more expensive than renting one, and in some instances you could wind up saving yourself money. Avoid the expensive and uncomfortable hassle of wearing someone else’s tuxedo by have one tailored just for you instead, and check out the infographic below!


Do you know where your tuxedo was last night?
Do you know where your tuxedo was last night?tuxedo

Spring DIY Outdoor Maintenance List

Is your outdoor living space ready for spring?

In the Pacific Northwest, spring and summer seem to fly by, and before you know it, winter rolls back around.

Make the most of the sunny weather by whipping your cedar deck, fence and landscape into shape now. We’ve compiled this infographic to help you prepare your spring DIY list for making fence repairs, cleaning and improving your deck, and sprucing up your garden.


Spring DIY Outdoor Maintenance List
Spring DIY Outdoor Maintenance List


Portraying the Perpetrators and Victims of Occupational Fraud

Perpetrators of fraud can exist at any point in an organization, but as our new infographic demonstrates, there are patterns showing that risk varies with role. For example, losses are greater the higher a person’s position is in the organization, and the longer he or she has been employed. Specific kinds of occupations are associated with a higher incidence of fraud.

The hidden risk of occupational fraud can make it seem like you can’t trust anyone you work with. The truth is that proactive fraud prevention tactics you employ to prevent losses can also help preserve an open, trusting work environment.

Learn more about occupational fraud and its prevention:

Portraying the Perpetrators and Victims of Occupational Fraud

Medical Advances Made Possible by BLDC Motors


The reason why medical advances are made possible by BLDC Motors is because of the effectiveness of the brushless DC Motor. This infographic introduces four medical devices that are aided by the BLDC motor and explains that these motors are so effective because they are efficient, silent, long-lasting, and spark free.