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Customer Service: It’s What the People Want

Customer service is vital when it comes to making a business plan.  If you’re looking to find out where to start in learning what people really want from a company’s customer service department, this is the infographic for you.  Of course, it’s no secret, people want to be treated right, especially when they’re spending money on a service.  So, even if you’re not a business man or woman, check out this infographic below, brought to you by, and see if you agree with these ten findings about customer service.  I think you will.

Customer Service

Good Vibrations: 3 Steps to Successful Vibration Testing

Vibration testing is a tool utilized by smart companies to make sure that their product functions reliably and as it is intended.  If you are having trouble knowing how to get started with the vibration testing process, check out these three easy steps to vibration testing success below, brought to you by

vibration testing

Astounding Facts About Brain Development

What makes us tick?  Our brain is a huge factor in what makes a person who they are.  In fact, sixty percent of the human genome is dedicated to brain development.  To learn more astounding facts about brain development, from the fetus stages to adulthood, check out the infographic below, brought to you by

Brain development

The History of Toshiba Laptops

Did you know that the heaviest full-performance Toshiba laptop weighed twenty-one pounds?!  It’s true, and the lightest was only 755 grams.  Speaking of stunning statistics, perhaps you’ll be surprised to know that Toshiba laptops have sold at an average rate of 42 laptops per hour since 1986.  Learn more interesting facts and help celebrate Toshiba laptop’s ten millionth laptop sold in Ireland and the UK by checking out this informative infographic, brought to you by

Toshiba laptops

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery can be difficult.  Without the help from a professional disaster recovery service, a business may not survive a catastrophe like a flood, tornado, fire or hurricane.  Disaster recovery services can remove debris, restore documents, neutralize odor, prevent mold and much more.  A disaster recovery service can even help create an emergency plan to help minimize damage and injury before a disaster has even occurred.  For more on disaster recovery services, check out the infographic below, courtesy of

disaster recovery

Information Consolidation Has Never Been Cooler!

This infographic on information consolidation is by far the coolest infographic you’ve ever seen.  It interacts with your scrolling, making it seen like you’re playing a game.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to copy it into here…so you don’t get the full feel.  Which means you really need to check out the original posting here, you won’t regret it.  I see and post infographics on a regular basis and I’ve never seen one so interactive and fun.  Information consolidation is already an exciting idea, (who wouldn’t want to centralize their information to help keep from losing valuable data?)  However, when you take this concept and this infographic and put them together, the result is pretty cool.  Make sure to check it out.  A special thanks to the folks at for this inventive piece.

information consolidation