1031 Exchanges: The Ultimate Guide

What is a 1031 exchange? In this infographic you will learn how to defer your capital gains taxes utilizing a 1031 exchange, what kinds of properties qualify for 1031, what the basic 1031 rules and time limits are, and how to benefit your heirs by stepping up your basis.

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1031 Exchange: The Ultimate Guide

Five Popular Home Renovations

Use home equity loans & lines of credit to add value to your home

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, you should consider the resale value as well. Different remodeling projects will result in varying returns on investment (ROI) in terms of:

  1. The use your family gets out of the new space
  2. Money you save from energy efficient upgrades
  3. An improved resale value of your home

ROI is especially important if you’re using home equity loans or home equity lines of credit to finance your renovations as you’re counting on the renovation to improve the value of your home and therefore your equity investment. You also want to make sure the renovations you make are in keeping with neighborhood upgrades and will appeal to a broad audience when you’re ready to sell. Cost and return will depend on the scope of your remodel and where you live, but these are the top five home renovations with the best return on investment, on average, for a mid-sized, single family home. Speak to a home loan advisor to learn more about home equity loan options from Citizens Bank.

Five Popular Home Renovations

College Student Statistics

College Student Statistics

Learn some common traits of the average college freshman

Part of what makes the college experience so unique and fulfilling is meeting new people from different backgrounds and walks of life. But, you may be happy to learn that college freshman statistics show a lot of commonality among the incoming class. From the prevalence of students using private student loans to help cover the costs of college to the fact that the majority of you were accepted to your first-choice school, you’ll likely discover that you aren’t much different than the person sitting next to you in class this fall. Read our statistics on college students to see what else you have in common with your fellow freshmen.

College Student Statistics

Decipher a Financial Aid Award Letter

Financial Aid Award Letter Sample

Decipher your financial aid award letter to help determine which college is the best fit

Choosing what college you want to attend is an important decision, and it involves a lot more than just the price of admission. After you’ve received your acceptance letters and are trying to decide where you’ll go, make a list of the pros and cons for each school. This should include class size, curriculums, atmosphere, location and of course, affordability. Compare your financial aid award letters to determine which college can give you the most aid and research private student loans to see if they can put your dream school within reach. Need some help making sense of your award letters? Take a look at our financial award letter sample that breaks out the key pieces of information you need to know and explains what they mean. This will help you decipher your own financial aid award letter as you move forward with the college selection process.

Decipher your financial aid award letter