12 Reasons Why You Need to Use Bay Management If Your’re Renting a Property

Here are twelve reasons for management that you need to see if renting a property.

  1. Credit Checks – Full in-depth Credit Reports to Find Qualified Renters that will Pay On Time.
  2. Criminal Background Checks – Make sure your tenants have not had previous issues with the law that could jeopardize your property values.
  3. Pre-Existing Efficient Eviction Process – If something goes wrong we know the process to get it back on track quickly and efficiently
  4. Legal Licensing to Accept Rent – We have all requisite licensing to accept rent in both the state, city and local municipalities
  5. Legal Disclosures to Renters – Depending on where your property is located there are very specific sets of forms and disclosures tenants need to be given – we take care of that for you.
  6. We Can Process Multiple Rent Payment Types (Credit Card – Check – Debit Card etc.)We can take rent any way they want to pay it – drop a check off – mail a check – credit / debit cards etc. we have getting you paid covered.
  7. Professional Staff to Deal with Property Emergencies – No reason to get those calls on holidays and in the middle of the night anymore – we take those for you.
  8. Pool of Prequalified Renters that are Ready to Rent ASAP – We typically have a long list of qualified renters ready to rent in most areas we serve.
  9. Local Knowledge of Rent Rates – Get the most for your money – We know the top end rents that you can expect to charge and get for your property.
  10. Marketing Expertise – Bay Management’s website gets over 10,000 unique visitors a month
  11. Property Inspections – Keep Property in Top Shape – Tenants can expect these inspections so they are less likely to wear and tear on your investments.
  12. Extensive Legal and Tenant Management Expertise – Bay Management Staff has over 30 Years of Cumulative Rental Property Experience to call on.

Infographic provided by BMG Bay Management Group

How To Fix Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

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The Dark Web. What is it? Should you be using it?

This infographic is very informative…but in an indirect way.  As you use the internet, do you every wonder who is watching?  Do you ever worry about who may be watching what you are doing?  What would happen if your internet searches or history was discovered?  Generally we would say that people are good, but we also don’t want to be judged by what we may do at times or as compared to everything else we do.  Lastly, do you want to be tracked and marketed to every day? Do you want to be shown products based upon every search you make on Google?  These are important things to consider when using the internet.

The infographic below explains how to use the internet and do so in a truly anonymous way.  In our opinion, everyone should only use the internet when utilizing the tools explained below.  Remain free. Remain anonymous.