Online Marketing is Critical to Business Success


If you own a business, it is imperative that you ensure that you engage in some form of online marketing. For the purpose and intent of this brief guide, we will be expounding on the use of infographics as a means of marketing. According to statistics, approximately 95% of all consumers research products and/or services online prior to purchasing those products and/or services. Another statistic states that for every five internet users, three will use search engines as a resource for shopping for products and/or services that interest them. Consumers are online. That is a fact. By marketing through infographics online, you have the unique ability of reaping the vast array of rewards associated with connecting with those consumers.

1.     Establish a Goal
The first step to preparing your infographic online marketing plan for your business is to ensure that you establish at least one goal associated with your efforts. Examples of objectives for your online marketing campaign include driving visitors to your website, increasing the amount of “Likes” to your Facebook Page, and/or gathering email addresses to use for email marketing campaigns and/or newsletters. While it is tempting to market for many different objectives, you should start with just one goal. Once you determine this goal, you should then create your infographics around that goal.

2.     Determine Your Target Audience
Once you have the goal set up for the infographics that you will create for your online marketing campaign, it is now time to determine who makes up your target audience. It is imperative that you are absolutely clear about the buyers that you are seeking to attract. Then, you must determine what those individuals care about the most in their lives. What types of problems do these people face? Is there a competitor in your industry that you are attempting to attract customers from? You should also determine the hobbies and interests of those that are part of your target audience. By determining your target audience, you will be better able to create infographics for your online marketing campaign with copy that will prove to be highly attractive to these individuals.

3.     Track Results
Once you have created and posted your infographics, it is imperative that you track the results of your online marketing campaign. You should make sure that you closely monitor the response that you receive from your infographics. Once you have determined what is working, that is where you should invest your time, your efforts, and your money. If you find that your infographics are not rendering the results that you desire, it will be necessary to revise your marketing efforts and the infographics that you market until you are producing positive results. Being able to reach your target audience on the internet is a cost-effective technique that has the potential to render high levels of marketing success. Additionally, this is a positive method of determining what works and what does not. If you are interested in creating infographics or would like more information on online marketing techniques, click HERE.

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