Overcoming the Creative Block When Creating Infographics

creating-infographicsIf you specialize in creating infographics and other types of content for the World Wide Web, it is quite likely that you have found yourself struggling with inspiration. If you are reading this, you are probably currently suffering from creative block. This is, essentially, similar to writer’s block, only it detrimentally impacts your creativity, as a whole. Many individuals apart from infographic creators suffer from creative block. Examples of these include those that specialize in graphic design, artists, writers, and even photographers. Most individuals that experience creative block are those who are dependent on their creativity in a professional manner. If you are stuck and your creative juices just are not flowing, continue reading on how to overcome the challenge so that you, once again, have the capability to create visually-stunning infographics.

Identify a Problem and Create from a Unique Angle
If you are experiencing creative block while creating infographics, simply stop for a moment and identify the problem that you are attempting to outline in the data visualization. How do your blog, website, business, services, and/or products help to solve a problem? In order to connect with your target audience, you must outline a problem that they face and provide them with a solution. Once you have identified a problem that you may use in your infographic, consider a unique perspective and create it from that angle. For example, if you are promoting a time management book, create the infographic from the perspective of a single mom that has several children and is attempting to juggle a full-time job, parenting, and household responsibilities. Often, all it takes is a problem/solution scenario and a unique perspective to get your creativity going again!

Gather Your Information
If you find yourself stumbling when creating infographics for the purpose and intent of promotion because of creative block, simply take a step back from the visualization and graphics aspects of the project and focus on simply gathering the information that you want to share. As you start to uncover statistics, facts, and other details that you may include in your infographic, you will quickly discover that your mind starts developing a story that will “speak” to your target audience. You may start to develop mental images that will help provide the points you want to make, or come up with a theme for the infographic. Simply gathering information and pondering that information will provide you with a creative edge.

Tell a Story
When creating infographics, do not put too much pressure on yourself. An infographic is not a blog, a website, or a report. It is a type of data visualization that is intended to tell a quick story that engages your target audience. It does not have to be serious. It may be funny, quirky, witty, and even sarcastic. It really does not matter. The point is to capture the attention of your target audience and get them wanting more. Then, you simply provide them with a link where they may obtain more. If you look at an infographic as a means to simply tell a story, it will alleviate any pressure that may result in creative block. For more information on creating infographics, click HERE.

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