An Introduction To Truck Accidents

Truck accidents happen every day.  When there is a collision between a passenger car and a fully loaded 18 wheeler, the passenger car and its occupants are in far worse position and at far higher risk.  You need to know your rights and how to proceed if you or someone you know is involved in an accident with a large truck.  The attorneys at Mann Law Firm have put together the infographic below with valuable information about this issue.  Check out their website for further details.

The Dangers of Riding Motorcycles

There’s no denying that riding motorcycles makes you look pretty tough.  Hopefully, though, that toughness is complimented with another layer of true, physical toughness, (a helmet, a leather jacket, etc.) because the risks of riding can be very steep.  That’s not to say that people shouldn’t ride at all, but if you are on the fence, it might be a good idea to check out this informative infographic by Sutliff & Stout about the dangers of riding motorcycles.  You might be surprised, and alarmed, by the statistics.