Brushless Motors

DIY Home Improvement: Powering Up with BLDC Motors

Thanks to brushless DC motors, tackling home improvements projects is simpler than ever. On average, over half of the adults in the U.S. tackle a DIY project each year. Because of BLDC motors, power tools have longer run times on a single battery charge, are more compact, lighter in weight, more powerful, smarter and last longer. This infographic explores trends in home improvement projects across America, the power tools used and the evolution of brushless DC motors.


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DIY Home Improvement: Powering Up with BLDC Motors

RC Models & BLDC Motors

RC models have been used by everyone from the casual child owner of an RC model toy, to the armed forces.  In the past, gas-powered RC vehicles were preferred.  However, thanks to  improvements in brushless DC motors, electric motors may soon be the new norm.  For information on why the BLDC motor is big news in the world of RC models, check out the infographic below.  Also, be sure to check out the original posting, here. RC Models