Top 10 Uses of Promotional Merchandise

The benefits promotional products entail for your business should NEVER be underestimated.  In addition to helping you land new clients and creating brand awareness, it can ultimately lead to sustained business expansion.  The top ten benefits of promotional merchandise can be found in the infographic below. Provided by We Brand 4 You

5S – The Foundation of any Lean Program

The importance of 5S

Organization is critical to a safe and efficient workplace.  Just getting started can seem overwhelming. The 5S concept is a pathway to organization that has truly changed the way many countless companies of all sizes run their operations. This infographic provided by Creative Safety Supply outlines what 5S does and how to implement it without headaches or hassles. Get organized. Let us help. Original posting found here.

The True Cost of a Cyber Security Attack On Your Business

Information provided by SAN-iT

The Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 is a sobering read for any SME.  In the last 12 months 46% of all UK businesses identified at least one cybersecurity breach or attack.  This figure increased to 66% for medium-sized firms.

This annual survey highlights that cyber security is a real and major threat to your business, and potentially a costly one too.

With some organisations subject to multiple attacks in one year, the time to act to protect your assets is now.  This infographic shows you the current risks, the true costs of a breach and how utilising cloud services can help protect your client and business data from becoming compromised.

To make sure your business is protected from a Cyber Security breach, contact San-iT on 0800 084 2575 or email

Overcoming the Challenges of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

More employers are embracing Bring Your Own Device policies as a way to reduce costs and minimize inconveniences. Employees like the idea because they don’t have to deal with carrying around two devices to keep business and their personal lives separate. And if a company has a partial reimbursement plan for the use of a personal device, everyone wins! But is your company ready to go ahead with a BYOD policy?

Instituting a BYOD policy is more than just telling everyone it’s OK to use their personal devices for work. You need to craft a BYOD policy that is clear and easy to understand. Make your policy with input from the IT department to help address common issues that may come up, create fair guidelines, and lay out how IT handles access to personal phones. You don’t want IT logging into someone’s phone to delete company information and taking some personal data along with it.

One of the potential items that can go into a BYOD policy is the use of two accounts on the same phone: one for work, one for personal information. This allows the employee to keep work and personal accounts separate, and it prevents accidental deletions. Some phones handle dual accounts better than others, however. Phones like the Galaxy S8 Plus from T-Mobile are excellent candidates for the dual account setup. Make sure the BYOD policy covers this possibility. Also, make sure your employees have service from a reliable 4G LTE network like T-Mobile to handle their data needs when working offsite. Read on to the infographic below to learn more about the world of BYOD.

Innovation in Business through 2017 and beyond

This innovation infographic breaks down details about how businesses see innovation and technology in 2017 and beyond.  Innovation, especially among SMEs is critical to remain ahead of the competition rather than something that is secondary or not necessary.

The use of the word “innovation” in business literature is happening much more frequently, and we can predict that consultants that specialize in helping companies to be more innovative will dramatically grow in number over the next few years.