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Disaster Preparedness Plans, What You Need to Know

Disaster preparedness plans are essential to protect your business and keep continuity after a disaster. This infographic illustrates the key elements of disaster preparedness plans, suggestions for updating your plan to keep it relevant, and some scary statistics on businesses who do not have a DR plan in place when disaster strikes. Be sure to work with a professional disaster restoration company when forming your disaster preparation plan, it can save your business financially in the long run, and reduce business downtime.  Find out more at www.polygongroup.com/us .

Disaster Preparedness Plans, What You Need to Know

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery can be difficult.  Without the help from a professional disaster recovery service, a business may not survive a catastrophe like a flood, tornado, fire or hurricane.  Disaster recovery services can remove debris, restore documents, neutralize odor, prevent mold and much more.  A disaster recovery service can even help create an emergency plan to help minimize damage and injury before a disaster has even occurred.  For more on disaster recovery services, check out the infographic below, courtesy of Polygongroup.com/us.

disaster recovery