Building a Sustainable Future: 8 Ways We Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Infographic provided by Global Furniture Group. See full post for more information.

In appreciation of Earth Month, we share with you our story of building a more sustainable future for employees, customers and partners. Our sustainability report outlines the significant steps we take to limit environmental impact at all levels, in all operations – from product development to production to end-of-life management.

Above all, our approach is to design for durability. It means that products are researched and developed to be repeatedly handled, serviced and repaired as needed to create long-lasting solutions.

In production, we work hard to maintain transparency and source responsibly. Owning most of our supply chain allows us to push safety, health and environmental initiatives beyond the minimum requirements. A closed-loop manufacturing approach diverts 100% of our manufacturing waste from landfill.

We are proud of our commitments to reduce our environmental impact. Together as a team, we will continue to push ourselves to do better for a sustainable future.

Environmental Impact of Burial Funerals

This infographic provided by safepassageurns.com lays out some of the many environmentally harmful factors associated with burial funerals. Hopefully the visualization of this data can bring awareness to a topic that gets very little coverage. The consequences for our planet that stem from the funeral industry are not immediately apparent, however, the more people that are aware of these factors, the more that can be done to reduce them.

Tree Care in the Urban Forest

Trees are extremely vital to city life because they not only provide beauty but also comfort and essential environmental benefits. Our infographic explores the importance of taking the proper care of trees. From benefits of trees to signs you need an arborist to what an arborist can do to help keep your trees healthy, we cover how to properly maintain your urban trees.

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