9 Smoothies made with 3 ingredients


Making a fresh and delicious smoothie doesn’t always require lots of ingredients. In fact, there are plenty of recipes that have only a few ingredients and taste amazing! Keeping your smoothie regimen simple means it will be easier to make delicious blended drinks anytime. All you need is a few basic ingredients to spin up a sweet, super nutritious smoothie that is great for your health.

This infographic has nine of the best easy to make smoothies that are matched up by color. It’s a simple concept to use fruits of the same color for your smoothie, but doing so will benefit your health greatly. Here you’ll learn which quick and simple color matches are both mouthwateringly yummy and nourishing. So say goodbye to candy when you’re searching for something to satisfy that sweet tooth, and say hello to these splendid color-coded smoothies!

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Keeping Food Safe from Farm to Fork

From livestock housing to food processing, storage and transportation, regulating humidity is critical to health and safety. Farmers rely on the proper conditions to keep their animals comfortable, safe, and productive. Food processing facilities use temporary climate control to eliminate condensation, which can carry dangerous contaminants that will make food unsafe to eat. Too much or too little humidity during the warehousing phase can mean significantly reduced shelf life and even total loss of food products. Lastly, transporting food products in environmentally controlled vehicles keeps your food safe to eat as it is transported to your local grocery store.  Infographic provided by Polygon.

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The Evolution of The Modern Restaurant

Do you ever think about the technology used in restaurants today? Restaurant technology has come a long way since the 1st restaurant ever opened it’s doors. As a POS software company that makes restaurant software, we’re constantly looking at how technology is used in restaurants. The POS system is only one example of how far restaurants have come. There are all kinds of high-tech technologies used in restaurants today. Because this is something we’re interested in, we’ve created the below infographic to show what other kinds of creative and exciting technology is used in restaurants today.  Please check us out at .

The Evolution of The Modern Restaurant

Grow Your Own Vegetables Infographic

Growing your own vegetables is not only a green action, but it can also be economically beneficial…especially considering that vegetable prices are rising faster than fuel’s.  All you need to start is some soil, a few tools and a positive attitude. Your health and wallet will be thankful.  To learn more about growing your own vegetables, check the infographic below.  Also, be sure to check out the original posting here, brought to you by

Grow Your Own Vegetables