Why Gardening is Good for You

Have you ever considered that something as simple, rejuvenating, and fulfilling as gardening could also be good for your health?  Taking care of a garden can lead to much improved physical and mental health due to an increase in activity, elevated heart rate, stretching, and the use of many varying muscles.  And when you consider that you are producing the healthiest food you could eat, the payoff is even higher.  Read through this informative infographic provided by WhatShed to learn all the many benefits to your health by gardening.

Grow Your Own Vegetables Infographic

Growing your own vegetables is not only a green action, but it can also be economically beneficial…especially considering that vegetable prices are rising faster than fuel’s.  All you need to start is some soil, a few tools and a positive attitude. Your health and wallet will be thankful.  To learn more about growing your own vegetables, check the infographic below.  Also, be sure to check out the original posting here, brought to you by

Grow Your Own Vegetables