10 Benefits of Regular Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture is a holistic form of medicine that has been used for healing purposes throughout many centuries. The ancient Chinese healing art uses very fine needles to improve the flow of qi, otherwise known as life force energy. Acupuncturists are in tune with the body’s energy channels. This enables them to not only address physical issues that a person may be experiencing, but also the emotional or spiritual concerns that one may have. Because acupuncture can be used for a wide variety of needs, many people find that acupuncture helps to resolve multiple concerns, including some they didn’t expect to improve from acupuncture.

Acupuncture is most commonly recognized for use in general or chronic pain management. While it certainly helps people with these needs, acupuncture can also help patients experience relief from many more physical and emotional issues. Portland naturopaths and licensed acupuncturists  are able to help those suffering from anxiety and depression by working with neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin to aid in improving mood. As many as 33% of those affected by depression seek treatment through acupuncture. Additionally, acupuncture helps decrease the symptoms of insomnia for patients. Many people also find that acupuncture can help improve the immune system, hormone balance, reduce allergies, and help with weight loss management.

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How Much Grease Fast Food Restaurants Produce

How much grease fast food restaurants produce is outstanding as this infographic depicts from  In particular, fast food restaurants in the U.S. manage to produce a startling high amount of yellow grease through the various food products made at each location. What has been generally unknown until most recently is just how profitable that yellow grease waste is and what purpose it serves.  The grease waste produced from each fast food restaurant can be recycled and used to create biodiesel that then fuels cars, factories, and more.  Keeping water clean by proper disposal.



Duct Cleaning to Improve Your Home and Health

Duct Cleaning to Improve Your Home and Health.  Did you know that often times the air pollution in your home can be worse than outside?  If you suffer from asthma at all, you probably do.  This infographic by shows you the importance and why you should get your ducts clean.   For you and your family take the time to read this. Along with reading the below info graphic please go to for all your other in home needs.



Oral Health Tips

Oral health tips, do you need them?  Are your teeth important, sure they are if you want them to last a life time you have got to take care of them.  Do you know when you should start taking care of a babies teeth?  Do you know what is bad for your teeth?   Do you know what foods are good for your teeth?  Well if your answer is no to any of these questions this infographic has the answers for you. has these tips and many others to share with you, spend a few minutes to learn this one, if you want to keep that lovely smile.


Oral Health