BathEmpire BTU Infographic

A simple look out of the window at the windblown trees, rain-lashed pavements and grey, moody sky is enough to tell you winter is here.  This period sees your heating system rousing itself from its summer hibernation in order to heat your radiators and thus keep your home toasty during the frostier months.

We want heat, sure, but we also want to save on our energy bills. For this, you need efficient heating, and the best way to go about attaining this is to establish the BTU rating of your rooms.

BTU stands for ‘British Thermal Unit’, and with this figure you can ensure you do not end up either overheating a tiny room with excessive radiators or – as pointless – having one small radiator blasting out trying to thaw a giant space.

Our easy-to-follow advice below will help you get a welcomingly warm home without any costly wasting of energy.


Furnace Repair Tips to Keep You Warm This Winter

Regular furnace maintenance is key to keeping it in tip top shape and keeping you warm! Learn the signs that your furnace may need a check up, whether your should repair or replace and how to tell if your furnace is energy efficient. All of this and more is explained in our latest infographic.

Furnace Maintenance Tips to Keep You Warm This Winter