Hydronic Radiant Heating: How it Works, Pros & Cons, And More

Hydronic Radiant Heating, this infographic  helps us understand how it works and the pros & cons of it.  I absolutely love this infographic and it’s timing couldn’t be more perfect.  I was just thinking this morning, as it is getting colder out there, that I sure wished my floor were warmer as I made coffee, it sure would make it more enjoyable.  Now that I have all this information I can make a more educated choice and find the right contractor for me.

You can read this infographic here or go to Imagine Energy to find out more about all kinds of other energy sources.


The Return of New Home Builders & the Changing American Home

Now that people are building homes again, has the construction industry and the modern American home changed?  HHudsonHomes.com knows, they have created this infographic, they know peoples tastes have changed, they know what we want bigger homes with more amenities.  Lets start building!  This is for all you new home builders.



Moving to Beijing

Are you considering moving out of the country?  Perhaps Beijing, China is the place for you.  When moving to Beijing, or any other place, it’s important to do your research.  If you’ve ever wondered how moving to such a place would compare to your home in America, this infographic, brought to you by YCIS, is a great resource to help guide your way.

Moving to Beijing

Contemporary Homes

In recent years, interest in contemporary homes has been increasing.  This fact doesn’t come as too much of a shock though,  because contemporary housing plans focus on livability, and there’s no denying that the popularity of things being simpler and easier has increased in the last few decades.  To learn more about the many ins and outs of contemporary home design, check out the infographic below, as well as its original posting here.

Contemporary Homes